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Mumbai visit- Quick notes

Mumbai Auto meter

Morning: Sat in an auto and saw that minimum fare is just Rs. 1.00 Felt something must be wrong somewhere. Asked the driver why it is showing  Re 1. He couldn’t see anything wrong with that and after some discussion I learnt that I need to pay 10 times whatever this meter shows. If it shows Rs 2.5 at the end of the journey I need to pay Rs 25…Was a nice experience this but why can’t they have a proper meter that shows correct amount?

Evening: Rented a car for to drive around Mumbai to make use of few hours I had during the evening.

Saw Shivaji park-driver told me that Sachin Tendulkar used to practice in this ground in his childhood. Saw Bandra-Kurla complex from a distance, saw Rolce Royce Phantom on display at Navneet Motors in Atria Mall, Haji Ali. Saw Marine drive, Hilton Towers and Taj Mahal Palace & towers. Ferrari cars were on display infront of Taj and had a close look. While the Phantom is known for its luxury and elegance, Ferrari on the other extreme is worshiped for its speed.Ferrari on display at Taj, Mumbai Which one shall I buy?

Gateway of India was under renovation and since it was night time couldn’t see much. Saw BSE building from a distance-felt secure that my shares are safe inside. May be I could have asked the security- बाबु, अ०दर् मेरे कुच् शेर्स् पडे हे, जरा जाके देख्के आउ?? (Some of my shares are inside-can I have a look at it?)

Requested driver to let me drive a bit, enjoyed driving on Marine drive. Victoria Terminal and Church Gate looked magnificent from outside. Missed experiencing a journey in Mumbai’s local train and also getting a glimpse of Dabba waalas. As we neared Zuhu beach driver said “साब् आपका हाथ बहुत साफ् है जो मु०बइ मे गाडी चला सक्ता है, वो भारत् मे कही० भी चला पायेगा” (You drive very well-one who can drive in Mumbai can drive anywhere in India) but he was quick to add “साब् आगे बहुत् ट्राफिक् हे, मुज्हे चलाने दीजिये”(there's heavy traffic ahead, let me drive)

on a fast lane

Juhu beach was very flat. Siva Sagar restaurant near the beach (on Juhu-Tara road opp Ramada Palm Grove) served some good food. I just wanted a small piece of pickle but they served a bowl full. The mango pickle was so tasty, I felt like taking the rest with me to home. Why do they serve side items in excess quantity?

Autos are allowed only in some specific areas in Mumbai. Elsewhere over-aged Fiat taxis rule the road. Also felt that number of two wheelers in Mumbai is relatively less.

Will be looking forward to visit this city again.

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  1. Lesser number of 2 wheelers is bcos of better public transport(read- the famed local trains and the decent BEST service).
    You should have traveled a couple of hours to see the mayhem in neighboring Pune.

  2. Hi Sid,

    I have visited Pune,(and other places in MH -kolhapur, Anajta ellora caves etc) though few years back...

    Yes, Mumbai Public transport is very good...

  3. Shrinidhi,
    Thank you for your comments at We appreciate it.

    Do let us know if you would be interested to contribute at INDIMAG..

    Warm Regards,
    Madhu Rao

  4. Hi eNidhi ...

    Glad to hear good things about Mumbai !!! Because everybody visiting Mumbai have only bad points to talk about !!! x-( ;-)

    And regarding the auto & taxi meters i would like to tel you that next time ask them to show you the meter fare , which will give you the idea of the charges before you pay, and can save yourself from getting cheated !!! ;-)

    And next time don't forget to visit Band Stand !!! And if you are party lover don't forget to see the night life, pubs & Disks in almost all the 5 star hotels !!!

    Chintan ...

  5. @Madhu Rao,

    I've replied you.

    I understand there's a chart kind of thing I can refer-still why so much confusion? Digital meters could have helped a lot.

    What is Band Stand? Me not interested in night life. Thanks.

  6. Look the meters were built when they actually use to cost as it looks, i mean 1Re. 10 to 90 Paise .. but later meter charges started increasing so they had to make some formula to keep the meters as they are and charge according to the pulses !!!

    Bandstand is another coastal places, but not like Juhu. Its not a beach. Stones every where, people come for jogging at evening & morning!!! New Bandra-Worli sea link bridge is under construction now, which looks really awesome !! And celebrities houses like Salman & Shahrukh !!! And much more ...

  7. @Chintan...
    Ok,meters can be upgraded/reset for correct reading. Anyway this is not a big issue, let us not digg too much into this.

    Yes, I have seen Bandra Worli sea link on TV...lot of things to visit next time...

    @Previous comment:
    May be because my visit was very short I didn't make any serious note of negatives...

  8. They are changing it to Digital and thats why the Auto & Taxi drivers were on strike for 2 days ... but will be happening soon ..

    And its not necessary that you specify negative points for Mumbai .. its ok .. ;-)

  9. I have never been to Mumbai...but have heard similar comments about traffic in Mumbai.

    Meter reading is new to me. I was surprised before going to the next line of yours.

    Nice to know.


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