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Summary of Posts-May 2008

This post gives a quick summary of all posts publishing during this month. Thought this might help those who don’t visit on a regular basis
Lists a dozen reasons why network marketing and MLM companies won’t usually last a long term. Be sure to read this post to understand what all goes wrong with these companies.
Gives quick outline of the storyline, tell you some logical and factual mistakes I found in the book.
An experience account of me live blogging at WebInnovation Summit in Mumbai earlier this month
SBI had denied me student account during my engineering days-Recently opened an account with that bank and this post is a recap of old memories.
Excerpts from a talk given at Webinnovation08 Summit giving an overview of challenges involved in finding a venture capitalist for your startup
Lists few new updates which I missed in an earlier post about my participation at MMSC 08
Explains that none of the travel websites are giving cheapest air tickets and one should buy directly at airline website for lowest fare.
A few notes from a quick Mumbai trip I had earlier this month
Few quick lines on importance and usage of Ganji
Few updates from the Pondy visit I had earlier this month with JNVC batch mates
A quick reminder to everyone including myself that this blog has survived for 2 years and rolling...

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