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Dating a Czech Beauty

Deal all,

I am currently away from Chennai dating a Czechoslovakian beauty. Keep watching this blog for hot pics and juicy updates. Assuming nothing goes wrong, I am scheduled to date her 3 days and 3 nights.
But then, please don’t start dreaming or visualizing bad things-hold your breath for a day or two for details.
Secret revealed: Full details in this post

Other updates:
My book review of Chetan Bhagat’s “The three mistakes of my life” has reached top 15 in Google when you search for keywords related to “the 3 mistakes of my life”. It took just 10 days to reach this position from infinity.

Cross posted my “12 reasons why MLM companies go bad” at Churumuri (A popular news blog moderated by Journalist Krishna Prasad)-Within couple days comment count has neared half century-You can read the comments here if interested.

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  1. You??


    Waiting for the updates...

  2. Technically there is no Czechoslovakia these days.

    It's either Czech or Slovak. Cannot be both.

  3. OK Hari, then it must be Czech...

    Anyway secret is out now...

    And Sandesh, I thought you were smart enough to guess...


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