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Innovations-Upadhya's tender coconut opener!

This post is triggered by a comment from Hon'ble Home minister of Karnataka Dr. V S Acharya. [Comment here, details in this post]. I had seen this device long back but I guess I didn't have a blog then. Recently saw it again in my uncle's house and yesterday a comment prompted me to write a post about this.

Traditionally it takes a relatively strong person and substantial physical effort to chop off the tender coconut and take out the water. Ever wished for a simple tool to open tender coconut? Heres one.
innovative device to open tender coconut
Invented by Upadhya brothers (P Venkatramana Upadhya & Manjunatha Upadhya) of Saligrama, a town 24 kms north of Udupi, Karnataka, this small and trendy tool can drill through a tender coconut within a minute. To see how to use it watch the video below. My aunt took nearly 40 seconds to drill through. A stronger person may finish within 20 sec. Also, if you wish to drink only half of the water and preserve rest, you can replace the cap and store it…(Otherwise coconut water needs to be consumed immediately after opening-it cannot be stored otherwise).

This tool will be very handy when you wish to store some tender coconut at home or take them with you while going out on a trip. Available for less than Rs 80 at Mantap Stores, near Bus stand, Saligrama.

Video link:

But this works only on coconuts which are quite ‘tender’. On slightly ripe ones one would find it difficult. May be Upadhya brothers can think of a motorized version with a stronger drill bit powered by an electric motor (MICO-BOSCH would be an ideal business partner I guess).

Update: The photo you see is slightly older model-A new model with plastic handle is also available.

Contact details:
P V Upadhya
Upadhya Brothers, Saligrama Post,
Udupi District - 576 227
PH: +91 97395 24260

Thanks to Dr. V.S. Acharya (Hon'ble Home Minister, Govt of Karnataka) and, Jayasimha Upadhya and Manoj for related inputs. Photo and Video by Shrinidhi Hande, location and demo courtesy: Hande Family, Mysore.

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Update: Updhya's innovative tender coconut opener is now available as a mass market product, thanks to a Coimbatore based manufacturer.

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  1. Good innovation...

    Looks like all your readers are busy commenting on your next post (home minister thing) and this post about innovation isn't getting any comments...

  2. Cant help it Kumar...

    Some posts do get popular while others do not...


  3. Would love to buy it available in Delhi?

  4. Don't think this is available in Delhi... Its not manufactured and distributed on commercial scale.. May be coconut board should take note and promote it further

  5. Dear Srinidhi
    Please check the is a refined version of Upadhyas tender coconut opener...from Malaysia!

  6. Dear Kiran,

    Saw the video.. great. Upadhya´s tool works well only on very tender ones, this one appears stronger

  7. Nice little gadget. I can think of a few more uses for it besides drilling into coconuts.

  8. Hello Shrinidhi: This is the first time iam logging to your site and must say that it is very useful.

    Really appreciate your blogging passion and skills. WILL BE HAPPY TO CONNECTED WITH YOU ON LINKEDIN.

    keep up the gr8 contribution to the society:)



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