June 2008-Quick recap of posts

Can’t believe half of 2008 is already history!

The month was great-Me fulfilling a long pending wish of a long drive, Karnataka home minister commenting on my blog, both Desipundit and BlogBharti linking to my Self drive rentals related posts (Thanks 2 Nikhil and Mridula) , me trying my hands on poetry and more. 

I’m travelling out of Chennai almost every month since past 4 months and the trend is likely to continue for next few months. (Thanks to my Boss at work for necessary leave approvals!) Here're quick notes on posts published during June 2008, for the purpose of not so regular visitors who may wish to have a high level view of all posts.

Most popular one was the Chennai-Mysore Self drive post wherein I wrote about the 1300 kms date I had with Skoda Octavia for 3 full days. This post also has lots of photos. This post is complemented by a complete guide to self drive car rentals in India.

A poem I wrote out of nothing also attracted lots of eyeballs. Hon’ble Karnataka Home Minister Dr. VS Achar writing a comment in my blog did create some hype.

Ups and downs of my blogging, and the tale of few abandoned topics were the kind of personal posts this month.

The post on Saligrama Makkala mela performing at Infosys Mysore and post on Upadhya’s tender coconut opener were least popular but managed to attract one comment each (other one is my reply)

The post “What to gift for a 5 year old kid” was read by the parents of the kid to whom I was hunting the gifts for, and they knew full details of what I was gifting, even before I landed at their home.

The warm up post wherein I said I am dating a Czech beauty was taken a bit seriously by Sandesh, who somehow didn’t comment on any subsequent posts.

Ending the month with a review of i-Mint reward scheme and this summary of posts

Read Summary of posts for May 2008


  1. Nice post- recap of the month gone by. I actually found it very interesting!

  2. Thanks Sujata,

    Happy that you found it interesting.

  3. Nice recollection of posts there Nidhi... :)

  4. Of all the posts, i liked the post on your dating experience with Skoda :)

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