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Karnataka Home Minister Dr. VS Acharya comments on my blog post

Yesterday Morning I was in for a pleasant surprise-Was checking my mails in gmail and saw a comment from Dr. VS Acharya. (for my Coco Fresco Hyderabad post, wherein I had described a new approach adopted to promote tender coconut) The name sounded familiar-went to blogger profile and subsequently to his blog. 

As suspected, it turned out to be the blog of the very person who had taken oath as Cabinet Minister along with Karnataka CM Mr. B S Yadyurappa a week ago and was assigned the portfolio of home ministry less than 24 hours earlier. (He was minister for Medical Education earlier).

Never expected politicians to be tech savvy and have a blog. (Do SM Krishna, known for his IT friendliness, has a blog? No idea.) But then, Dr. VS Achar is a doctor by qualification and is one of the few highly qualified personalities in the political corridor. His bio data in this post

I feel honored to have such high profile visitors to my blog who stop by and leave a comment too. Here's wishing Dr. Acharya all the best for his tenure as Home Minister of Karnataka and sir, we're hoping to see some real improvements this time...

You can read the person blog of Dr. VS Acharya here. Photo sourced from his blog.

Note: Its official- In an interview with Vishveshwara Bhat, editor of Vijaya Karnataka, VS Achar speaks about his blog. Image here (refer last question). So this is authentic enough to believe that the said blog is of Home minister


  1. Its good to see politicians are starting to create thier own blogs.
    People can atleast be proud that their leaders are technologically forward.
    Our favourite politician Laloo Prasad Yadav has a blog.Here is the link: http://www.mypopkorn.com/blogs/celebrityblog.html?CID=37069&gclid=CJGj8JDp5pMCFRskbwodhDf-WQ

  2. Congrats Srinidhi ! It's really great !

    Madhu Rao

  3. @Manoj,

    Yes, it is certainly a good development. They can conduct virtual janata Darshan through blogs...

    Why Laloo has started a blog with such a big URL..he could have started something like lalooprasad.com

    @Madhu Rao,

    Thanks for the wishes...

  4. Cool!!

    Awesome -- man, I'm jealous.

    Although, it should bring to you the power of reaching out to a lot more people through your blog: and the kind of impact you have. Way to go, man!

  5. good to know that politicians are there in blogosphere.

    btw I liked the reference to SM Krishna. He will be waiting for orders of 'high-command'. Feel sad for his helpless situation.

  6. Congratulations Nidhi. Ministers being tech savvy opens up wide opportunities for them to reach most number of people. Hope this trend catches up else where too.

  7. @Sudipta

    Well, Dr Acharya is a man of medicine and has been advocate of healthy food habits.


    Well, SM Krishna doesn't need High Command permission to open a blogger account... Or may be his admin (Sonia Gandhi) hasn't given him enough privileges so that he can publish his posts...

    Thanks. We'll hope the trend catches up.

  8. Congrats! great to see this..
    The minister's blogs looks genuine :)

  9. Now that is really interesting. Congratulations.

  10. Thanks Mridula.

    Believe you had a great trip to Oxford.

  11. It is good to see that politicians are join the blogging and it will be an ease for those who are unable to pass their problems and views to the Politicians. Good Work!! Congrats.

  12. Yes...

    But the extent to which they consider reader's comments is to be seen...


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  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. Respected Sir,

    I being a responsible citizen and having a great respect towards our constitution request you to intervene immediately in the following issue which is currently handled by your people very badly.

    We all are working for one of the leading and oldest bank in south India, M/s Dhanalakshmi Bank Ltd, M G Road Bank. Being a bank employee we carry huge amount of responsibility towards this society. But during last month there was an incident where customers debit card was misused by some one and bank is investigating the same through their own systems. In the mean time customer has BRIBED your people Mr. Thammanna(Inspector) and Mr. Dhananjaya(Sub inspector) heavily... These two gentleman's are born and brought up in Karnataka, They have eaten our food and shelter but now they are supporting that non kannadiga jus for his Enjelu kasu...

    Sir, we are ready to support and cooperate in each and every investigation by your people but we request you to intervene and instruct your people not to harass bank employees and ask money from our people with all un- parliamentary and abusive language.

    Sir, I am great fan of you and am following all your activities right from your RSS days. You are the one of the greatest Minister in karnataka history and you are known to be most public friendly minister.Kindly intervene and help us in solving this imm.

    With Great Respect.
    Bank employee

  16. Politicians are starting to create their own blog is really fantastic and it's love to watch. They should use this web 2.0 platform to spread out the information and their line of thoughts all over.

  17. All,
    I think Outlook also carried a detailed article recently about VS Acharya's blog...

    Hope your issue is resolved...

    Manish, thanks for the comment

  18. what I was looking for, thanks


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