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Jyothi Raju-Monkey King-the rock climber

Watching Jyothi Raju perform (i.e. climbing fort walls) was an unexpected value add to our recent trip to Chitradurga (200kms from Bengaluru, Karnataka)Jyothi Raju in action

Jyothi Raju hails from some remote village in TamilNadu and is known for his wall climbing skills. He climbs walls and pillars as fast, smooth and comfortably as a monkey would do. “I learnt this skill by closely observing monkeys”-he says. It was nice watching him climb 100+ feet high fort walls in a matter of seconds. With no safety gears like rope or helmet to protect him, sheer expertise and confidence are the only things he relies on. Reportedly he’s climbed several ports and walls around South India and trying for an entry into Guinness Book of Records. Several television channels have featured him already.

Here’s 2 photos of Jyothi Raju. I also made an amateur video of his rock climbing-but they’re not as good as the ones already available on net. (Before I could ready my camera he'd finished half of his climbing...) The video in this news clipping has better visuals and a quick interview with Jyothi, in which he's shared his plans of giving coaching, promoting adventure sports and more.(note:at the link actual video starts only after you watch the ad)
Jypthi Raju
He is locally knows as Koti Raju (Koti=monkey). He was doing his performance several times during the day, entertaining visitors. Once a while visitors give him a small tip, which is his sole income from this.

An over enthusiast guide was overheard explaining to his customers: “Sir it is a very expensive hobby sir, the powder he is using-it is imported one sir- costs Rs 500 per kg sir…” For the record, rock climbers use chalk powder (Commercially known as Calcium Carbonate, CaCO that costs Rs 30-120 per kg) to keep their hands dry.

Many of the adventure activities (pulling a truck with tooth, walking on fire bed and likes) are derivatives of simple laws of physics. But most of us are comfortable just watching others perform than giving it a try ourselves.

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Update: Somemore interesting photos at >Dailymail, taken from top of the fort (via Raveesh)


  1. I saw this guy for the first time in a TV 9 report. Though it was a kind of fast forward video in that reporting, your post makes it more concrete :) Thanks for sharing info on this guy.

    On the lighter side, I can only think of why can't we have something like this in Olympic games! We could have got a medal in this atleast :)

  2. Stuff human beings are capable of, if they put their minds to it.

  3. Mohan,
    Lots of sports are still not there in Olympics- including jumping from one party to another...



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  5. can i get the contact number of jyoti raju monkey king,please?
    gopal kamath,

  6. Gopal,
    Unfortunately I don't have his contact details. May be someone in Chitradurga or TV9 crew who interviewed him might be able to help

  7. this information is very good da.Its wonder 2 c him climbing such a height..........


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