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Tagged: 20 questions and answers

I’d been noticing this activity of tagging happening over the blogosphere, but never bothered to participate. To the extent I understand, the idea is to trigger a chain reaction-someone does a specific activity-like answering a set of questions, and tags others to do the same. It’s fun if you have time and interest to do all these, else its best ignored.

Don’t remember anyone tagging me so far-if some of you did, I’m sorry-maybe I didn’t notice. [Long long ago Sandesh wanted me to write about my dreams- I wrote a generic article on dreams] Recently
Mohan tagged me and I thought let me do it.

So here we go- 20 questions and my answers (Had to rework on my answers-realized that all answers should start from first letter of my name)

1. What is your name: Shrinidhi Hande
2. A four Letter Word: Ship
3. A boy’s Name: Saurav
4. A girl’s Name: Sudha
5. An occupation: Shopkeeper
6. A colour : SkyBlue
7. Something you wear: Spectacles
8. A food: Samosa
9. Something found in the bathroom: Soap
10. A place: Shivamogga
11. A reason for being late: Slow moving traffic [Not exactly my reason. I keep a provision for delays due to traffic and other factors-unexpected flat tyre is the main reason if I’m late]
12. Something you shout: Shut-up! (had to coin this work for the sake of answering- I don't should with S)
13. A movie title: Satyam Shivam Sundaram [Don’t ask me why this one]
14. Something you drink: Sapota milkshake [Unfortunately tender coconut doesn’t start with S]
15. A musical group: Scotland Yard Band (had to google out a name starting with S)
16. An animal: Snake (will soon upload a photo of my cousin posing with a real snake-visit back tomorrow)
17. A Street name: SP Road (Sardar Patel Road- In Bangalore, this road is known for computer hardware shops, in Hyderabad, it’s a main road connecting Secunderabad to Panjagutta, in Chennai also I use this road frequently)
18. A type of car: SUV (had tough time deciding between a convertible and an offroader-as if I’m going to buy one) (Question is not clear-cars are classified under various parameters- size, type of fuel, utility, brand and so on)
19. A song title: Summer of ‘69
20. A verb: Spread (not H1N1)

Whom do I tag it to? Don’t want to point out names-it may sound like demanding-even if I do they may not read it and accept. I’ve very few readers who visit regularly (there may be more, but unless they leave a comment once a while I won’t know). If the idea excites you feel free to pick up and proceed.


  1. ah! soap was an easy pick for you.. I had a tough time getting the right thing for that question :)

    I can understand why Satyam shivam sundaram... it relates too many things for you :)

  2. Yes Soap was easy. In fact we get lots of words starting from S. Those with lesser used alphabets will have challenge...

  3. Hmm will try it sometime Shrinidhi, the semester has started and blogging time is scarce.

  4. I think "SP" as in SP Road stands for Sadar Patrappa, not Sardar Patel

  5. I also agree with Harish. SP Road stands for Sadar Patrappa.

  6. Mridula
    OK. No probs
    Harish and Manoj,
    Agree-Bangalore's SP road stands for Sardar Pratapa Rd, the ones in Chennai and Hyd are Sardar Patel Roads


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