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Club Mahindra contest, Hoysala Trail & OWD

This post gives a brief about 3 happenings. Quick Jump: Club Mahindra "My Trip of a lifetime" contest * The Tour of Less Known Hoysala Kingdom* One Web Day 2009
CM's My Trip of a Lifetime Contest
During past two years, Club Mahindra hosted an all expense paid trip to a group of select travel bloggers to one of their resorts. This year, they are selecting participants through a writing contest. What has been the most memorable journey of your life? Think of it and see if you can come up with a nice travelogue around this idea. If you can, you may submit this entry to the contest, titled “My Trip of a lifetime”. 3 final winners will get all expense paid trip to Club Mahindra's resort Mashobra, Simla this year. Some more people (runner up entries) will get to take home some goodies like bags, books and the likes while all qualified entries will be published in their blog, CLAY.
Club Mahindra Logo
Besides submitting your entries, you’re also required to become a fan of CM on facebook. Anyway that is quite modest an expectation, compared to other contests (like Mitsubishi Great Driving Challenge) wherein you’re required to make people vote for you or write a post and provide a link etc. (Almost all online contests are having this kind of demands these days-everyone have realized the benefits of social media)

I may not participate in this-Don’t think I’ve had the trip of my life yet. If I had gone on the-once-contemplated SAR PASS trek or Himalayan 4x4 Safari probably that would have made a wonderful travelogue. I've tosee if I can write about any of my recent trips. (It is also an art to be able to write interesting travelogues, even when the trip is ordinary-I'm yet to learn that) If you’re planning to contest (trust me, final prize is really worth it-if you ever had a great travel experience, consider penning it down NOW) you’ve another 8 days to submit (19th August is the last date). More details on CLAY site. All the best.

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Hoysala Trail Trip
Arun Bhat and Lakshmi Sharat are organizing a 2 day Hoysala trail trip ‘The Tour of Less Known Hoysala Kingdom’ on 29th and 30th August. (This is the second edition. First edition has evoked good response from participants and media) The key difference between this and other package tours is the passion about History and travel Arun and Lakshmi bring in-something like your close friend taking you to places. Trip aims to cover several unattended/lesser known places of Hoysala dynasty which casual tourists usually miss due to lack of adequate information and guidance. Arun and Lakshmi are well respected names in travel space and their personal credibility, research and enthusiasm will make this trip different from a regular commercial tour.

As I’m based out of Chennai I’m finding it little inconvenient to join this. (I'm told some ex-Chennai trips are also lined up) If you’re based in Bangalore and can spend 4k for a 2 days trip exploring history, see if this trip excites you.Flyer below, more details in Arun's BlogHoysala Trail Trip by arun and Lakshmi

Note: Arun and Lakshmi are also on Jury panel of earlier said Club Mahindra contest* Image from * Go to TOP

One Web Day 2009
One web Day (OWD) is celebrated every year on September 22nd. The day focuses on impact of internet on our lives. If you have an experience or a story to tell as to how internet has made a difference to your life, you can consider submitting it to OWD story contest. More details here.

Last year Internet Society, Chennai Chapter (ISOC) organized a spot blogging contest at MSRIT Bengaluru to celebrate OWD. Similar plans are being drawn for this year as well.

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Disclaimer: All information as available with the author at the time of publishing. Information about the contest and trips are subject to change at the sole discretion of organizers.
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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Thanks for the info Shri. I will give a thought on participating in this competition.

  3. I too am not sure if I will be able to write anything fro CM as it is too hectic as of now for me.

  4. Mohan,
    All the best for your entry.

    Mridula, Ok

  5. It is PR exercise, to boost content (and rating) on Clay! and gain mind share of brand in general public (this time through facebook), I remember one sponsored program from CM in my apartment complex they will ask winner (of movie tickets, dinner coupon)/participant to shout We are ClubMahindra Family or some thing like that.

  6. I have officially sent in my entry! let me see if my article is good enough to fetch me a trip to Shimla :)

  7. Bhupesh,
    Naturally most of the contests will have PR objectives...Thanks for sharing the experience-asking them to shout is a bit too much...

    All the best.


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