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Cerebrate2010: an event for achievers

Cerebrate is an invite only event wherein a group of hand picked achievers from various fields are brought together and discuss and ideate. Each of the achiever who’s invited to Cerebrate has a great deal of passion in what they do. Their achievements and experiences, when shared in a group of similar achievers from other fields makes it a wonderful event, because there’s so much to learn, much more to unlearn. Special care has been taken to ensure that the event stays remarkably unique from a typical conference which tend to get boring even before they begin. 

I had an opportunity to take part in the latest edition of Cerebrate, held at Marg Tapovan, some 80 kms off Chennai. I was involved in this more as an organizer than anything else. Previous editions of Cerebrate were held at Club Mahindra Verca beach Goa and Kumbalbagh respectively.

I’ll publish some more posts about the event, before that below is a quick introduction of invitees who spoke their heart out and made Cerebrate a wonderful experience.

Vasu Dixit, founder of Music Band Swarathma (also brother of Raghu Dixit) and S Muthiah, prominent journalist, publisher and author

Smita and Ram are founders of RangDe, the micro-credit organization which is fueling entrepreneurship among villagers and Raja Sanyal - Head of Marketing Barclays Wealth India

Aditya, Technology Enthusiast and Syed, Director, The Knowledge Foundation (TKF)

Christian R Fabre - CEO Christian Fabre Textiles Private Limited , Hindu Monk and Sandhosh Kumar, mountain climber for a cause, who is all set to climb mount Everest this season for the cause of Child Sexual Abuse.
Ramesh Manickam is an industrial designer, the man who’s designed Royal Enfield Thunderbird and several other products. Sidharth Rao works as Delivery Head – eMantras and is also National Snooker Champion and DJ

S Ramakrishnan, CEO, Marg ProperTies and also author by passion. Venkatesh Chandrasekaran (Venki) heads Mahindra Satyam’s R&D initiatives in Automobile space. He is also founder of Schools for India trust.

Rajesh Setty is a serial entrepreneur, author and speaker. Benedict (Benny) works with Children who’ve special needs

Harish Gandhi, Executive Director, Canaan Partners and Krish Venkatesh , Copy Editor and Chief Evangelist, yourstory.in and Gautham Seetharaman is an Architect, Trustee – Centre for Vernacular Architecture.
Alphonso and Kiruba Shankar (also on the right hand side is Sabu George, Deputy Manager, Marketing, Marg ProperTies)

Niladri Bose, Radio Jockey, Voice-over Artiste, Wild-Life Photographer. and Karthikeyan Vijayakumar, founder EXCEDOS and also co founder of Deepam

 Balaji, MS by research Student, IIT Madras, Robo geek and yours truly
From Cerebrate2010

It was great experience and inspiration spending 3 days in the company of so many achievers, who may not carry a high profile tag but each one had deep passion in what they did and doing. The experience they shared might take a lifetime for others to learn. Standby for more details of the event


  1. Wonderful event. To listen to what this wonderful personalties have to say is a privilege.

  2. Good to know - many personalities gathering in a place and sharing their experiences, achievements! Synergy expected.

  3. Good to know that women in this new and shining India have not achieved much. Well they must be really passionate about staying home and serving these passionate achievers right?

    Was it a careless misstep by organizers? Or were women excluded? I see only one lady in the group.

  4. Shashidhara:

    You may wish to login with your gmail ID or leave a link to your blog while you leave a comment-that will get you some visibility and help others identify/connect with you

    You're welcome

    Yes Indeed

    Appreciate your comment.
    This was noted as a feedback that there's to be equal number of women in the group.

    There were a few more who were supposed to come but they dropped out.

    Organizers will be taking extra efforts in this regard for future editions

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  6. Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article


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