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IAMAI Conference on National Security and Digital Technology

Ever thought about National Security seriously? Is national security a topic meant for discussion only when there’s a bomb blast/terror attack? Are we prepared for a stringent national security policy above all personal/political/religious sentiments? Are we ready to give up personal preferences, privacy and even life, in the interest of National security?

Next week, IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India) is organizing a one day conference on National Security and Digital Technology. This conference will be happening at India Habitat Centre, Lodi Road New Delhi. Good thing is, I’ll be travelling to Delhi to live blog this event.

Since National Security is such an important topic, I felt it is necessary that we open up the topic to a larger audience and get their thoughts as well. As an esteemed reader of my blog, I’d request you to share your thoughts on the subject. Selected thoughts will be featured in IAMAI official Blog and I’ll also make efforts to pass your questions to panel members/speakers during the conference.
Following questions are some pointers as to what you can share.
  • Are you comfortable compromising on your privacy in the interest of national security? If data monitoring is fully automated will you be more comfortable?
  • Miscreants who try to create trouble need to be lucky just once, whereas to be safe we need to be lucky all the time. How do we ensure alertness and vigil all time?
  • Do you feel technology is being used to the max to assist in security matters? What is not being done that should have been done? Do you have any examples?
  • How can we make civilians more aware about national security and how to get them involved, in intelligence gathering, first response and other aspects?
You may submit your response as a comment, or you can write your detailed thoughts in your own blog and let me know the url or mail me at admin@enidhi.net or you can buzz me on twitter or facebook with your thoughts. Selected thoughts will be featured in IAMAI official Blog and I’ll also make efforts to pass your questions to panel members/speakers during the conference.
Alternatively, you can also take this quick survey (4 mins) and leave your response
If you’re a Delhi based blogger and if you’re free on 24th March to attend this event, let me know, we’ll get you a complementary entry to the event and you can get involved in live blogging the same.
Previous events lived blogged: Webinnovations 08, Mumbai, CII Connect 2009, Chennai

March 22nd Update:
Here's a brief results of the online survey I conducted earlier about National Security..

Q: Are you willing to give up privacy in the interest of National Security?
No: 40%
Maybe: 20%
An equal distribution of opinion between YES and NO!

Q: How would you rate your alertness level for any potential threats?
Avg Score: 3.8/5, which is good

Q: Who do you think should take up primary responsibility of National Security?
Dedicated National Security Agency:20%
Govt /Policy Makers:10%
Public: 40%
Existing forces/others: 30%

Q: Do you think technology has been adequately leveraged for National Security?
Only partially: 30%
Only 20% felt technology has been leveraged efficiently to combat national security. Rest feel there's a huge scope where technology can be leveraged...

Q: Which of the following technology element is/are are major concerns for National security
VoIP/internet routed ISD calls: 40%
Unrestricted/monitored internet access:20%
Unsecure Wi-Fis: 30%
Others: 10%

Some of the prominent bloggers who respond ended to the survey were: Mohan BN, Supreetha, Harini, Shekhar, eNidhi, Hashir and Sandesh Karanth.


  1. Took part in the survey. Thanks for taking part in this event and look forward to hear more from you on the topics covered there.

  2. I am all for more security procedures...a few minutes of personal discomfort is nothing compared to that of a maimed innocent bystander in a terror attack.

  3. Thanks Mohan, will keep everyone posted

    Agreed. But many seem to think security is someone else's headache.

    More than security procedures, an awareness of what all can go wrong and how to be more careful would be more critical

  4. Thanks to everyone for participating in the survey. I've updated the post with results

  5. Shrinidhi, Thanks for yesterday's live blogging. Many new things were known.

    Google has itself posted about the security measures for gmail in its gmailblog today.


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