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Toyota show: SUVs: Landcruiser, Prado Fortuner

This is part 2 of the previous post, Toyota Quality Revolution. I know the previous post wasn’t liked by many, but bear with me on this one

On the other side of the hall were Toyota’s range of SUVs. First was the Fortuner, the basic SUV which is priced at 21.5 lakh rupees on road.

Next to it was a monster, the mighty Land Cruiser, priced at 96 lakh rupees on road, housing a massive 4.5 litre D-4D engine. Event organizers had unnecessarily placed several girls as models near each car, who had no work but to stand still- even a doll would have served the purpose. I would have preferred a display of car’s technical specifications and features instead.

Adjacent to land cruiser was Land Cruiser Prado. Land Cruiser Prado sells at 60 lakhs, 3 times more expensive than Fortuner. I asked the rep what’s extra in Prado compared to Fortuner and he listed a few of them:
While fortuner has only 2 airbags, Prado houses 7 air bags, Fortuner has only front 2 disc brakes, Toyota Landcruiser Prado has rear disc brakes as well. Fortuner has only ABS, Prado has ABS with EBD. Prado’s engine is same 3 litres in terms of cc, but is more refined for extra power and torque. Prado adopts several additional safety and comfort features found in Landcruiser and houses a stronger suspension.
After listening to all the above, I was like “Hmm, now I know I am not getting so many features even after paying 21 lakhs for the Fortuner”.

Toyota has launched a new concept of 60 minutes service. Apart from the fact that 60 min service is a quick basic health check service, what I liked about 60 min service is that I can watch on a TV in front of me, what is happening to my car. I went to that counter, answered a few questions and few minutes later, they called me and informed that I’ve won something and requested me to wait and collect my prize. I was about to leave, but stayed on because of this. Soon the event started wherein I was called on stage and given a prize- a credit card holder case. I’d have preferred to take Prado for a drive instead.

Most of the chairs that were hitherto empty, got filled up as dancers started their performance, to the tune of a badly written song containing the word Etios.
The other car was Innova, which I’ve already reviewed. Innova CNG is now available. Tried my hands in drawing a toyota car- did very badly at it and left the venue. Toyota Quality Revolution show will be happening in different cities, next one at Hyderabad on this weekend.

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  1. What additional features does that Landcruiser have that the Prado does not?
    My wishes to you for buying on Toyota SUV sooooooooon...


  2. Landcruiser 200 primarily has a 4.5 L, Twin Turbo V8 engine while Prado has 3 litre turbo charged diesel engine.

    For detailed specs refer: and


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