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-2020 update- photos had to be removed -
Expect a few detailed posts over the weekend. Sharing some photos clicked during a recent 1 day Delhi visit in this post.

All my Delhi visits (only 3 of them so far) have been extremely short. Previous two visits were mainly a stopover for subsequent destinations and most of Delhi sight seeing was done in darkness. This time got to see Delhi in some day light and clicked a few snaps on the way. Nothing unique about them, still enforcing them on you, bear with me.

Because we were told Pahar Gunj is the area where we can get decent hotels, we went there straight-it was Shanghai like feeling when we entered the area- a street full of hotels, displaying huge vertical signboards…Each of them them is either a palace, deluxe or International… I missed taking a photo in the night, early next morning when I went for a walk hoping to take a pic, most of the hotels had switched off their signboards, so there wasn’t anything worth clicking.

When asked where do we find a restaurant, we were guided to this place…Alternate option was to go to ISBT (inter state bus terminus) which is naturally a market place with series of restaurants.

Pahar Gunj was a dusty area unlike rest of Delhi… Some buildings were very old and worth a photograph. Pahar Gunj market was already bustling with activities

Spotted a Porsche, but more interesting were Delhi’s CNG powered buses. Unfortunately, people of Delhi are being asked to pay more for LPG, CNG and Diesel, so as to raise funds for the Commonwealth games. Shouldn’t we Indians as a whole be proud and get involved/contribute for Commonwealth games? Why tax only Delhites?

The garbage collection Cycle is nice
On both previous visits, we were held up in horrible Delhi traffic (It took more than 2 hours to reach Old Delhi railway station from airport), but this time, roads were all empty. Only later I realized that March 24th was a holiday. Had a look at India Gate from a far distance.

India Habitat Centre, our destination for the day, was a beautiful campus.


  1. It is not what is seen on pictures every time though...:)U might disagree but being a Delhiwallah all my life, I feel the nation has being fooled into commonwealth games in the name of growth. Only thing which is happening now is screwing of a city and its inhabitants

  2. Pahar Ganj is quite a chaos as you have described!

  3. Delhi was my home for 7 long every bit of it...nostalgic revisit for me...thanks...:)

  4. Nice street photographs. You could try some basic processing to adjust the contrast, highlights etc. which will help the photos a lot.

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  7. Tarun,

    I can understand the overall burden and inconvenience. Any specific examples/reasons you'd like to give?


    You're welcome.

    Thanks, but little lazy to edit and also time bound... WIll try.

    Syed Haidher,
    I recommend you write your comment at appropriate post. I might delete your comment after some time as they are not relevant to the post

  8. Even I took a back seat upon seeing those empty roads! Thanks for the reason... Nice pics :)

  9. Yes, Love to

    1. Unprecedented rise is prices, the one u can feel everyday

    2. Long traffic snarls and metro stoppages

    3. Cosmetic changes instead of doing something concrete

    4.Violation of riverbed and ridge in the name of development

    5. Regularization of illegal colonies instead of making them better

    6. Autocratic and insensitive ruler and the ruled

    And there are much more

  10. Mohan,

    You're welcome.

    Thanks for the details. And worst thing is, I don't think the prices will come down after the event.

  11. Dear Mr. Shrinidhi,
    Thanks. Please do not delete as these are facts. Please suggest me how to get the money back.

  12. Syed, I understand.

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