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Adieu Valparaiso-Last day pics

-2020 update: Had to remove photos due to technical issue (site where I had uploaded them went down)- will try to restore -

On my last day at Chile, by leaving Valparaiso for airport, my driver stopped on a hilltop which gave me excellent views of the city. You might remember the view I’d clicked from a hilltop near the port. This point is on the other end of town.  
The previous day a small plane had made an emergency landing on a hill near Valparaiso and this was the talk of the town. While returning back, my cab driver showed me the plane which had crash landed. Couldn’t get clear view due to wire mesh.

My driver told me that 25 degree centigrade was the max he has ever felt all his life time… he showed me a wine processing centre, a church and a factory by the country side as we drove to Santiago

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