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Pyramid valley, kanakapura road, Bangalore

After a not so good trip around Chunchi falls, Sangama etc, we were returning to Bangalore, we stopped to explore Pyramid valley, as recommended by Ravi, who was in tern inspired by photos shared by HP Nadig earlier.

Pyramid Valley is a recently constructed meditation facility off Kanakapura road. Star attraction of this place is a pyramid shaped meditation centre.

No photographs were allowed inside, hence only exterior photos for you. Once inside, you’ll see a large platform where people sit and meditate. Centre of the pyramid has a raised structure with stairs, on reaching top of which you’re required to meditate for 20-30 mins. This elevated point, right being the epicenter of pyramid, is believed to have high energy.

At the ground level there’s a briefing centre wherein an elderly person briefs visitors on the benefits of meditation. “You should meditate for a duration according to your age- if you’re 30 yrs old, you should meditate for 30 minutes” he said, adding that meditation will help in lot of ways- for a kid he said “you can come first in class, score 80%+ in class” etc if he mediates. I had a temptation to ask what will happen if all students in class meditate and do not study… who will come plus…

Anyways meditation might have its own benefits, more so for people who believe in it.

The campus is good. Has a few accommodation units- not sure of the rates. Also spotted some thai like buildings in the campus.

Luckily everything is free in the facility (parking, entry, toilets and lunch) Hope it remains that way.

Sri Sri Ravishankar’s art of living centre is also nearby, so these 2 can make an ideal one day outing from Bangalore if you’re into spirituality and meditation

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  1. interesting

    the buildings in my post are RBI buildings interconnected by a bridge

  2. One of my teachers told me that it's good. I should visit it sometime soon. Thanks for sharing the pictures. By the way, do you know the secret behind pyramids?

  3. My friend had told about this ... and I plan to visit it some time soon.

  4. SRA Sir: Yes

    Nethra: No, I do not know the secret behind pyramids...

    LR: Do visit

  5. Hi this s Naveen frm ammayamma construction:) i would lik to get the contact no of prasad sir who s the chief engineer in pyramid valley so anyone plz help me out

  6. Exactly as you said. we visited art of living ashram and pyramid vallley on a sunday recently. both are alike and had a peaceful day :)


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