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Spiderman can’t work in Chile too

-2020 update: Had to remove photos due to technical issue (site where I had uploaded them went down)- will try to restore -

Long back I’d published this post, stating spiderman can’t work in India,because he would get stuck in between the web of electric and telephonic cables hung around every other poll in our cities.

Recently when I posted this post about Graffiti in the walls of Valparaiso, Chile, Sankara and Sandeep were quick to note the presence of excess wires in the photo.

I’ve few more photos of messy wires in Chile, though this was spotted only in and around port area. The Vina Del Mar and other upmarket areas were pretty neat.

Below one was near the main square near Valparaiso port

Below one was noticed while getting down from a hilltop near the port
Below was a building near the port…
Wires blocking the view of port from hilltop
Messy wires in front of a white building, which I’m told is naval headquarters
Below two photos do not really support above post, but sharing them as they have telephone or electric cables in them…

Also note that I’ve updated petrol prices in Chile post with  fuel costs in Valparaiso


  1. Ah ah a great post !! a suitable title too !! and thx for the comment mate !when u said spider man, my mind struck out with TinTin check out the most awaited movie TinTin trailer in the following link


  2. i believe that spiderman can work in Mumbai since all electric cables are underground...good observation

  3. Great shots. Our place is better.

  4. hi hi hi :) i hope he'll still manage to move around the cables ... thats y he is spiderman isnt it?

    i am reminded of a picture which looks quite similar to ur 1st pic, with a caption saying 'solve kirchoff's current law in this' :)

  5. wow! Chile is just like us! The wires, the garish colored buildings!

  6. We have some more common things :)

  7. Why can't Spiderman work? He does not have to depend entirely on his web after all. There are alternatives for him..


  8. Great one .... Time has passed. The American obesity curse has hit the mighty superhero bandwagon. Spider-Man looks fat and sweaty. His wonder web is almost exhausted. He has been reduced to a mere overweight man in a weird spider costume. The country is in the midst of economic slowdown. Hence people are terribly low on cash. Hence there’s not much to rob or snatch. With a sharp fall in crime rate, the classical Spider man is seriously out of business. America has disowned him. Incidentally, our dear old Barrack Obama has emerged as the new American Super-Hero. He has vowed to stop job outsourcing, a feat Spider man never could have achieved......

  9. It seriously is a funny thing to note and take pictures of whilst on a trip! Very blogworthy though! What I would like to add also is, the glut of wires infiltrating our homes through multiple laptops, phones, ipads, kindles, games, tvs, and a multitude of electronic gadgets will make our homes into one big web someday!

  10. Thanks all for your comments.. couldn't reply earlier.. Please be warned that whole of Chile is not like this. Only few parts of old town Valparaiso is like this.

    Sheril: Will check the TinTin trailer, thanks

    Umesh sir: hopefully so

    Rajesh: Thanks

    Indrani: what for?

    Arti: yes

    Sandeep: Point

  11. Sandeep: he'll have to fly very high to avoid these cables

    Sriram: Only some areas in Chile

    Mohan: Yes

    Ram: Yes, if he has a proximity sensor to detect wires on his path

    Farila: Yes

    Soham Roy: Ok

    Richa: Agree


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