Petrol and Diesel prices in Chile [Updated]

Would you like to compare India’s fuel prices with that of Chile? Here’s the answer:

Back in April, 93 Octane Gasoline (petrol) fuel was costing 749 Pesos per litre or about 75 Rs in INR equivalent. That’s little more than what Bangalore people are paying today for a litre of petrol. (But the difference is that its 93 Octane in Chile while we get 88 Octane one as standard and 91 Octane ones with a premium branding (Speed, Power etc) at an increased price.
95 and 97 Octane petrol are also available easily, for a small premium.

I guess D stands for Diesel, priced at 622 pesos or 62 Rs- Now that’s relatively expensive- probably because Govt there doesn’t subsidise one fuel for another.

K stands for Kerosene

Below: Petrobras outlet (Petronas Brazil) in Valparaiso

Fuel costs in Valpraiso were little different, refer image below

While fuel costs are similar/higher than India, cars are fairly cheap there, as tax policy doesn't make expensive cars even more expensive.


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