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Public transportation options in Valparaiso De Chile

-2020 update: Had to remove photos due to technical issue (site where I had uploaded them went down)- will try to restore -

Valparaiso has good public transport system. It has Metro, city buses, trams and trolleys.

Since Valparaiso has hill on one side, at many places you’ll find small trolleys (is that the right name for these things?) like the ones shown in pics. They’ve got an extremely simplistic design- a minivan sized metal body with rudimentary seats, with simple wheels to ferry people up and down the hill. The short ride which lasted 5 mins, taking to to a vertical height of about 50-60 meters, did cost 300 pesos or Rs 30. I came down using the road.

In downtown Valparaiso, buses powered by overheard electric cables can be seen. They’re very similar to regular buses, moving on rubber tyres on the road (instead of metal wheels moving on predefined tracks). I couldn’t travel in them. Because they run on electricity, they’re probably more greener than their diesel counterparts. I don’t see any other uniqueness about them,

City Buses:

One unique design feature I noted about the city buses in Valparaiso is the exhaust outlet. They release exhaust gases higher up into air, than releasing them at lower levels, as in India. I think this design helps reducing pollution a bit. Most of the city buses were Mercedes Benz made.

Bus ride from one end of the city to another did cost me about 390 pesos or 39 rupees. Buses seemed to have 3 different rate slabs- local, directo and student. There was no separate conductor- driver himself was issuing tickets. I didn’t see any Volvo type ac city buses- being a cold place, Valparaiso doesn’t need AC buses in the first place. Bus stands were pretty simple.

Metro: Cost about two times compared to bus. I didn’t travel in it through. 
Self Drive 4 wheel drive rental cycles:
Whatever you call these: pedal operated vehicles, large enough to seat 6 people are available for rent. You can rent them, seat your family and peddle all the way. Ideal for short drives around the sea shore.
Horse Ride:

Volvo B7R like intercity luxury coaches:

Valparaiso also has shared taxis, which run on a predefined route (like share autos in Chennai). I couldn’t try these either. The 9 lakh range Chevy Optra costs about 6 lakhs there

One can also hail a taxi, costs Rs 25 for first 200 meters and so on.

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