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Facial Expressions of Archana Vijaya

-2020 update: Had to remove photos due to technical issue (site where I had uploaded them went down)- will try to restore -

On Feb 6, I was at MMSC grounds located in the outskirts of Chennai city, to witness a motor sports event…(MRF Formula championship) There was a host who recorded bytes related to the event (for some TV may be, not sure) and in between the shots, she used to have some serious discussions/arguments with her support staff/crew. I managed to capture few of her moods and sharing the same here. This happened in full public view, in an open space, hence I’m sure I won’t be violating anyone’s privacy with these pics.

Is it my responsibility? She seems to be asking

"Itna to akl hona chahiye.." (You should have remembered at least this much)
The support guy seem to be scratching his head unable to respond to the lady
Looks like eventually they made up the differences and smile towards the cameras…

the same lady in action with the bikers later

Note: Agni Sarman of Sharman Cab Company has identified her has VJ Lekha.. But few others have named her Archana Vijaya.. Internet images hint that Archana Vijya is a more closer match...

Apparently Agni Sharman sent a message to Archana Vijaya and got a reply confirming the identity...

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  1. :) :) Nice interpretation... I usually try to interpret what the couples talk...the 'finger" photo is funny :P

  2. She is not VJ Lekha... She is VJ Archana Vijaya.... Google the name..... http://www.google.co.in/search?q=vj+archana+vijaya

  3. Agree with ^
    she's Archana Vijaya...she covered few IPL matches. :)

  4. on Feb6, MRF Formula championship happened at the MMSC track.
    i think its not polo cup

  5. Thanks Rajesh, Divenita and Deepak

    Vivekanandan: You might be right.. few others on facebook also suggested the same.. changed the name...

    Manoj: Thanks

    Srini: you are right... updated the post

  6. buddy! u do have a good papparazzi future :)


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