Facial Expressions of Archana Vijaya

On Feb 6, I was at MMSC grounds located in the outskirts of Chennai city, to witness a motor sports event…(MRF Formula championship) There was a host who recorded bytes related to the event (for some TV may be, not sure) and in between the shots, she used to have some serious discussions/arguments with her support staff/crew. I managed to capture few of her moods and sharing the same here. This happened in full public view, in an open space, hence I’m sure I won’t be violating anyone’s privacy with these pics.

Is it my responsibility? She seems to be asking
is it my responsibility - Archana Vijaya
"Itna to akl hona chahiye.." (You should have remembered at least this much)
 you-should have remembered - Archana Vijaya
The support guy seem to be scratching his head unable to respond to the lady
  fingers - Archana Vijaya
Looks like eventually they made up the differences and smile towards the cameras…
chalo-jane-dete-hain - Archana Vijaya ok-one for the camera - Archana Vijaya at MMSC
the same lady in action with the bikers later
biker and girls in action-aftersometime

Note: Agni Sarman of Sharman Cab Company has identified her has VJ Lekha.. But few others have named her Archana Vijaya.. Internet images hint that Archana Vijya is a more closer match...

Apparently Agni Sharman sent a message to Archana Vijaya and got a reply confirming the identity...

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  1. :) :) Nice interpretation... I usually try to interpret what the couples talk...the 'finger" photo is funny :P

  2. She is not VJ Lekha... She is VJ Archana Vijaya.... Google the name..... http://www.google.co.in/search?q=vj+archana+vijaya

  3. Agree with ^
    she's Archana Vijaya...she covered few IPL matches. :)

  4. on Feb6, MRF Formula championship happened at the MMSC track.
    i think its not polo cup

  5. Thanks Rajesh, Divenita and Deepak

    Vivekanandan: You might be right.. few others on facebook also suggested the same.. changed the name...

    Manoj: Thanks

    Srini: you are right... updated the post

  6. buddy! u do have a good papparazzi future :)


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