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Clever Marketing ideas

Sharing some marketing observations:

1. Hotel rents are often quoted per day. While few hotels will let you stay for 24 hours from your check in time, others will have predefined check-in and checkout time. Of late, hotels are mastering the idea of rolling out packages, which look like good deal, but if you examine closely, is nothing but clever marketing.
One resort in Chennai is offering 2 days, 1 night package at discounted rates. If you think you can checkin at 6AM on day 1 and checkout at say 8PM on day2, you’re mistaken. What they’re offering is actually a 23 hours stay- check in at 12noon on day1, checkout on 11am on day 2.. So game for the package?
Similarly most of the multiday packages are cleverly designed- day 1 usually involves only arriving at the destination and checking into the hotel and last day involves just checking out..So out of 5Day 4 night package, 2 days are gone like this, making it an effectively 3Days, 4 nights package. If it were to be me, I’d prefer to arrive by the first flight of the day, make full use of the day,similarly on last day also one should make full use of the day.

2 No small packaging for prickly heat powder:
While regular talcum powder is available in small 5 or 10 rupee bottles, the prickly heat powder- Boro Plus, Nycil etc- are only available in big 50 Rs plus family packs. I feel this is their way of force selling large quantities, because these products are sold only during summer and they need to make maximum profit. If smaller bottles are provided, people will buy them only and will manage entire season with them. By not providing such an option, users are forced to buy larger packs, which expire by next season.

3 Car makers force customers to buy only approved accessories (which are much expensive), stating that warranty will be void if certain accessories are fitted from unauthorized shops.

4 Sending feelers about a possible price increase is another tactic usually adopted to make those sitting on the fence to jump in.

5. Read this earlier post of mine on how trouser manufacturers are getting clever

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  1. Interesting and correct observations. Welcome to the world of productization. The victim is always the end consumers like us.

  2. In case of car parts ,the parts are mostly engine related parts -they have every right in doing so ,since they cant guarantee the quality of a 3rd party product.For a country like India -you dont need to define the quality of a 3rd party automotive product ,there are tons of spurious stuff out there.

    I dont think there is anything wrong in that at all

    Regarding talcum powder ,you do get smaller size ,as little as 25 g or so since i have personally purchased them

  3. The Wild: ok good point and agree..

    I've not seen pricky heat powders in small bottles in several stores that I searched. If they're available, great. Only regular talcum powder is available in smaller bottles...

    Sankara: Thanks


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