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Royal Enfield plans Multifuel Bike & other news

2020 update: 9 years later, RE hasn't launched any multi fuel bike. This post is now redundant.

You read about my RE factory visit in the earlier post. This post shares some news and updates related to Royal Enfield, which I got to know during the visit.

Royal Enfield is doing R&D on a multi fuel bike- This bike will be able to run on any fuel (about 10 possible fuels are identified, such as petrol, diesel, kerosene, bio diesel and so on). The engine will have the ability to handle any of these fuels and a combination thereof, and run as smoothly as ever. This bike may take minimum 2 more years before it hits the road. Once it happens (assuming it happens), if petrol is not affordable, you can fuel up your bullet with aviation fuel or kerosene or something else.

Traditionally from what we’ve learnt in schools petrol and diesel engines have different designs. It remains to be seen how RE’s multi fuel bike works. As of now, fingers crossed.

Current waiting period for Royal Enfield bikes is about 8 to 10 months. Existing factory in Tiruvottiyur is having an annual capacity of 25000 bikes (but reportedly produces 50000 bikes though multiple shifts). Royal Enfield is planning for a second factory with capacity of 75000 bikes an year. New factory will be within 200 kms of current factory (as all its suppliers are located here)

Besides catering to Indian market, Royal Enfield gets good business from export markets and Indian army. Several variants of the bikes being made in the factory will not be seen on Indian roads, as they’re made exclusively for foreign markets. Some colours used on Army bikes are not to be used for civilian bikes, as per govt regulations.

Modern bullets give fairly decent fuel economy of 50kmpl+ All thanks to technological advances.
Because of emission norms some of the previous engine designs had to be abandoned, as they no longer meet new emission norms.

Oxygen sensors in engines detect low oxygen levels (say when you go to Ladakh) and facilitate higher oxygen intake to ensure smooth running.
All through the year Royal Enfield keeps conducting biking events all over India, where Royal Enfield users meetup and celebrate. Rider Mania, Himalayan Odessy are few such events. Almost every city as a bullet owners club, who get active support from Royal Enfield.

Royal Enfield is about to implement a supply chain management solution, which can track parts which go to various bikes. If your bike gives problem w.r.t to particular component, it will be possible to track the component as to who made it, when it was installed, why it failed and so on. Giving bike chassis number is mandatory while buying spares, this is to prevent black market selling

Royal Enfield has no plans of entering mass market with any 150-200 cc bikes. They would remain focused on 350cc and above segment. Several variants of Bullet and Thunderbird are being tested,details will be in public when time comes…

Just like factory visits, Royal Enfield also conducts workshops for mechanics and engineers who wish to specialize in Royal Enfield bike servicing.

Enfield is also working with vendors to launch a series of signature accessories- jackets, toolkit and other stuff needed by the riders.


  1. that was very interesting
    would love to visit their factory sometime

  2. Tumbaa chennaagidhe....I am Nagesh, another chennai based kannadiga like you and have a blog of my own too ( liked the content and presentation on your blog..

    Please visit my blog too and share me and family's experiences in Chennai/TN thru travelogue and other general matters..


    Nagesh Kumar

  3. Thanks Nagesh. Added your blog to my blogger feed

  4. very interesting post. The only thing in my mind that RE needs to manage well is their spare parts supply chain. During my all India trip, I had a nightmarish experience and had to do with make shift or old parts. But I am always pro RE.

    Don't know how they will make the multi-fuel work, though I would be interested to know. Will it sacrifice power like LPG cylinders in cars do? Will wait n watch :-)

  5. Sankara:
    I'm told RE is planning a supply chain management solution to keep track of spares...

    At present they ask for chasis number to get you spares, to prevent blackmarketing...

  6. Best wishes to RE
    guys i've 350cc thunderbird and old diesel taurus, i am facing problem of gear shifting keeping in mind left side for petrol, and right for diesel
    And want to solve this problem is there any way to convert right side gear box to left. Like new bike. Guys i want to keep my both bikes. Please guide.

  7. Dear Sir

    I am checking with few of my friends to figure out if they know who can fix your concern. If I get a positive reply I will update you here.


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