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ICICI Bank Longterm customer feedback

Aug 2012 Update:
Received this headphone as free gift from ICICI credit cards for using it in US earlier this month. Redeemed some points from its partner Payback (earlier iMint) and gifts were delivered super fast. No complaints

Original Post:
We use blogs to vent our anger and complain when something goes wrong. We seldom appreciate when everything goes right. I’ve been a customer of ICICI Bank for over 6 years now and this post shares my feedback, which is largely positive.

I’ve seen many internet users complaining about ICICI Bank, noted that most of them were related to various loans. I’ve not availed any loans from this bank and have used only Savings account and credit card service from them, so my feedback is based on only these 2 services.

Initial 5 years or so mine was a salary account, so not sure if that influenced any preferential treatment, if any.

My only issue was when I was charged some 200 Rs + for not having enough balance and a pre-authorized monthly deduction failed. Bank neither alerted me that funds are not sufficient, nor waited for couple of days for salary to get credited. Couldn’t recover this amount and eventually took extra precautions to prevent such from happening.

All my points were getting redirected to iMint, a venture by ICICI Bank. Had some trouble with iMint cards initially, [Read my detailed review of iMint here], but eventually this was solved and am able to redeem my points in time.
When the Satyam fiasco happened, all banks slashed credit limits of Satyam Employees. ICICI was no different, but after sometime, when Deepak Parekh and other govt appointed board members criticized this move, ICICI Bank did restore the limits to previous amount for those who’d not defaulted.

When ICICI Bank advertized 8am to 8pm banking I was happy, but only to learn that this is applicable to very few branches in each city. This doesn’t apply to the branch near me.

No complaints on the credit card front either. Always paid my dues in time and never paid a single rupee in interest but they still haven’t charged me anything for causing loss of revenue by not defaulting… J They did charge me some good amount for using the credit card abroad. It proved to be little more expensive (compared to paying in cash after factoring currency conversion cost)

Luckily there was no occasion when I had to call their customer care for some sort of assistance. Used only mail facility offered in internet banking. Mails get prompt response. No complaints on that one.

Tried using their international debit card abroad to withdraw money, but after the ATM warned me that I’ll be charged about 250 Rs, I promptly took out the card, went to forex counter instead.

HDFC Charges Rs 100 per year for ATM Card, Rs 500 per year for debit card for non salary SB Accounts. ICICI doesn’t charge such fees as far as I know.

Overall having a trouble free experience with ICICI Bank as SB Account and Credit card customer. Refer other reviews if you want feedback on loans and other services.

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Dec 2011 update: ICICI stores statements online for 4 years only. When I wanted older statements, ICICI provided it in about 2 week's time


  1. I have also banked with them for last 5 years or so . Never faced any problem with saving account and credit card .

  2. All MNC's are good for nothing banks

    They charge you for all sorts of things.If you really want to make your savings count put them in a nationalized bank.although they are not as jazzy as these foreign MNC banks ,they do their job and provide good service.

    Once we had gone to deposit about 1 lakh in the cash counter ICICI BANK-the cashier says you put it in a envelope -he will do it at the EOD.the catch there is whatever the cashier says is taken as true as per the rule -and 1 lakh is a huge amount

    Banks cant deny to accept cash -so we forced him to give it in writing and we will complain to RBI saying that this is a rule of ICICI bank,finally they accepted the cash.The only thing is you need to know the rule to know if you are getting cheated ,most of the ppl are not bothered and hence dont know if they are getting cheated.

    There are scores of such useless policies they have -all of a sudden u will find some fees being charged.

    you will have fight to roll that back ,say if they charge 10 - 5 will fightback -2 will followup till the end ,so they gain my charging the 8 ppl .

    Banks like ICICI are cheats -there are umpteen number of times esp in loans and cc that rbi has rapped them for not adhering to RBI rules.Happy banking with ICICI


  3. I had quite a good experience for about 5 years, before I got married. that was in thane, and our bank was nearby, convienient, and the staff were helpful. i got married, shifted to chembur, and realised that the bank here was terribly over crowded... any transaction took ages, the staff were absolutely clueless and simply handed us over from one person to another. i had so much trouble changing my maiden name to married one that i gave up and opened another account. and then came the rains and they lost all our data, and asked us to furnish all our records again. we did it once, and then got another call and another... till i got wild and had an argument with the manager, and finally i closed the account.
    i wouldnt say that other banks are better...but the staff at some other banks i use are certainly much more helpful..... maybe it only depends on whom we come across..

    1. आईसीआईसीआई बैंक द्वारा कुल दीया धनराशि की एवज में पर्याप्त धनराशि मेरे सेविंग अकाउंट से निकाल ली है फिर भी बैंक अभी तक लगातार मनमानी ढंग से उस पर चार्जिंग लगा रहा है और राशि को 3 लाख रुपए कर दिया है मेरे द्वारा कई बार अपील करने पर भी बैंक कोई निदान पूरा नहीं दिखा रहा है और मेरा मानसिक एवं आर्थिक शोषण कर रहा है ऐसी स्थिति में मेरे साथ कुछ भी हो सकता है आपसे निवेदन है के इस संदर्भ में मेरी सहायता करें और न्याय दिलाएं l
      महोदय मेरा आईसीआईसी बैंक में एक सेविंग अकाउंट एवं ओवरड्राफ्ट अकाउंट था l
      मेरा ओवरड्राफ्ट अकाउंट का Due बैलेंस 46988 था जिसके लिए मैंने दिनांक 4अप्रैल 2009 का अपनी सेविंग अकाउंट से एक चेक रु 46988 का आईसीआईसी के ओवरड्राफ्ट अकाउंट में दिनांक 1 अप्रैल को जमा किया lलेकिन बैंक ने वह चेक बिना जानकारी के अस्वीकृत कर दिया ,यह बात मेरे संज्ञान में बहुत लंबे समय की बाद आई लेकिन साथ ही साथ बैंक ने उसी समय अगले महीने से बिना मेरी जानकारी के मेरे सेविंग अकाउंट में से ऑडी अकाउंट के लिए पैसा निकालना करना चालू कर दिया दिनांक 12 जून 2009 को अपनी इच्छा के हिसाब से ₹45251 निकाल लिए गए और फिर कुछ समय बाद दिनांक 2 जुलाई 2009 को 1103 रुपए अकाउंट से निकालें l बैंक चाहता तो एक बार में ऑडी अकाउंट के लिए पूरी राशि निकाल सकता था
      महोदय बैंक का एक्चुअल ड्यू अमाउंट 46988 था यदि आप देखें तो अमाउंट (45251+1103)=46354 निकालने के बाद सिर्फ ₹ 634 मात्र रह जाता था l मैं काफी लंबे समय से बैंक से मदद की अपील कर रहा हूं लेकिन बैंक अभी तक कोई निदान पूर्ण रहा दिखाने को तैयार नहीं है और मनमानी ढंग से लगातार चार्जेस लगा रहा हैl और राशि को मनमाने ढंग से बढ़ा रहा हैl आपसे अनुरोध है आप मेरी मदद करें l
      (current account )OD account number 000705024318
      salary account number 000701570420
      आईसीआईसी बैंक लिमिटेड न्यू दिल्ली ब्रांच
      9A, फिलिप्स बिल्डिंग ,कनॉट प्लेस न्यू दिल्ली- 110 001

  4. The Wild:

    Thanks for your detailed comment. I too have read lot of complaints about ICICI bank in internet forums.. Guess I've been lucky...

    Thanks for sharing your experience...

  5. Somehow i am not comfortable with any private banks to be frank, my experience with nationalised banks has been good though not excellent. I believe your experience is good with ICICI is a a real exception.

  6. Me2...never faced any issues...n its been 5 years now...n growing!!!


  7. Umesh Sir and Rahul: Thanks for sharing your experiences

  8. Umesh Sir,

    My good experience can also be because I used only 2 basic services- SB account and credit card... Loans and other departments may not be that straight forward

  9. My experience with ICICI Bank has not been good. I had a credit card of the bank and I was charged late payment fee even after paying on time. This continued for six months. Finally when I threatened to take them to consumer court they backed off.

  10. I too had bad experience with their services resulting in a blog post of mine!

  11. Thanks for sharing your experiences Rajesh and SRA Sir

  12. I have been a ICICI group customer for the last 8+ years. I use their savings a/c, credit card, demat, online trading and health insurance products and have been generally happy with the overall service. There have been times when I have had issues where I would have appreciated a faster response or a smoother remedy, but thankfully they all got solved. I am a customer with other banks too and when I compare ICICI with other banks both PSU, private and MNC, I would put ICICI ahead in terms of service.

  13. Srinidhi, the safety of our deposits is the key, many a times hiccups and rumours were floating. This prompted Infosys and likes to shift their huge deposit into SBI can you imagine. Anyways hope the current management does confidence building measures.

  14. I have my account with ICICI for the last 15 years. Services were good in the beginning, but have gone to bad and worse.
    1. Blocked ATM card without informing me when I was out of station after I already did 3-4 trasanctions. The excuse - they thought the card had not been delivered.
    2. Changed the status of my account from wealth mgmt to normal without intimating. I got to know when I tried phone banking number mentioned behind the debit card and it stopped giving me services I was being offered.
    3. Have not been able to fix the issue sending account statements regularly. Refuse to take missing statement request over email saying email is not a secure medium, the same medium they find secure when sending the statement on their own.
    4. They try to misrepresent things. Thier executive called me and I was supposed maintain a minimum balance of 20000 for my minor son's account. When I argued and asked when the change has been affected, he could not provide details and later it proved to to be false.
    5. They did not bother to correct the TDS details in e-rteurn. The matter had to be taken to senior management before it was done.
    6. This one is ultimate. Recently, They dishonoured cheques issued by me. First giving a reason - 'PRESENT with DOCUMENT'. Then on re-presenting with reason - 'REFER to DRAWER'. When I sought clarification - they told the beneficiary name was not clear on the cheque. While I had mentioned the name in capitals with bank name and account number of payee. And, they cleared 2 earlier cheques drawn in the same manner for same payee.

    You would be wondering why I have been keeping this account if I have so many service issues. I have been using this account as my primary account and used for direct credit of fund from some 15+ sources. It is the pain of updating the new bank details with all 15+ sources that has held me back. But, cheque dishonour with a lame excuse just to keep low cost CASA deposits for as long as possible is the limit. I have initiated the painful process of saying goodbye to this long relationship.

  15. Anon: Thanks for sharing your concerns and experiences


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