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Srilankan trip posts-Digest

I’m not done with my Srilankan posts yet, but felt the need to publish a digest, containing links of all SL related posts. If you’ve already read Srilanka posts, you can ignore this one, else you may wish to bookmark it. Will update this post whenever a future post about Srilanka

1 Purpose of Srilankan Trip
2 Srilankan Trip FAQs
3 Colombo Port area pics
4 Colombo Beach Area pics
5 Negombo Fort and Fish Market
6 Ramboda Falls Hotel Review
7 Hotel Silversands Review, Negombo
8 Tea Factory in Nuvara Eliya (coming soon)
9 Lankan Tour write up (Travelogue)- Day 1: part 1, par 2 , Day 2
10 Srilankan newspapers on Sunday
11 Srilankan lifestyle- General Observations
12 Smart seating in Shrilankan buses
13 Colombo National Museum
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