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Dating an Ex (Scorpio Vls)

I recently dated an Ex... It was fun. Before you guys get all wrong signals, I’m just referring to Mahindra Scorpio Vls (Read Review) which I’d driven in 2008. Back then we’d taken it on its maiden voyage, to Wayanad.(Read travelogue) With only 600kms on the odo, we taught it the road manners and tamed it...

If vehicles are not of your interest, feel free to skip this post.

Next year I had spotted it in Ooty [Details here]

Recently rented this SUV again for day. High cost notwithstanding, I couldn’t afford to rent it longer. Also the rules have changed- Hertz (Carzonrent) doesn’t allowone way rental (I can’t rent it in Blr and drop it in Chennai), couldn’t provide me with additional driver (who could drive it back to Blr). They’ve also stopped door delivery and collection- users will have to go to their office in Ulsoor to collect and return it. At a rental of about 4300 per day (almost same as monthly EMI of a hatchback car) I drove it around for a day around Bangalore, just to satisfy my itching fingers which hadn’t had an opportunity to steer a car in about 6 months.
Now 3 years old and 88000 kms on the odo and counting, the Scorpio still has the grunt and enthusiasm it had on day 1. Its on board sensors which warn users that a door is open, couldn’t learn anything in 3 years and still can’t tell which door is open of the 5, nor does it tell “hey, now it is fine” when one of the doors is opened and closed. Everytime it shouts, all doors need to be opened and closed with a thud, just to be sure.
Hertz people (and those who rented this scorpio from them) have treated it well. Except few minor scratches and missing wheel covers, there was no significant damage to the vehicle and was well maintained. We opened the bonnet to take a closer look- the mHawk engine was dusty but never tired. Tyres had good threads, not sure if they were replaced in between. In all the excitement, I didn’t notice the no of kms I drove it, hence can’t tell you its current fuel economy. A rough estimate says it gave about 12kmpl+ (had given about 13+ in its maiden voyage)
May be because of good customers like me (self patting), Carzonrent is buying cars left and right. They’ve placed orders for 90+ Mercedes Benz E class and many more Corolla Altis Diesel. Unfortunately none of them are likely to be available for self drive

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  1. nice that this time i got to drive this beast... But it was fun... that's all that matters....

    Nice post anyway.


  2. WOW... 3 times in almost 4 years!!

  3. looks like u had a good date :)

    4.3k for a day is indeed high isnt it? at this rate, i wonder how much they'll charge for a merc! even though allowed self-drive :(

  4. Yes, 4.3 k is high. So I go for drives like these only once in 6 months now

    Other cars like Swift are available for under 2k


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