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JLR River Tern Lodge, Badhra Dam

We paid a short visit to Jungle Lodges and Resorts (JLR)’s facility in Badhra Dam catchment area. Called as River Tern Lodge, the location was much better than I had expected it to be. Proximity to water and an island being part of JLR facility made the campus more desirable.

Room rate starts at Rs 4050 per day per person, including stay, food and a set of activities. Similar to other JLR facilities, pricing is on the higher side for common man, but nevertheless their campus runs full most of the time thanks to international tourists and corporate patronage.

Main attraction of the campus is the island. Submerged in Badhra Dam catchment area, this island houses several cottages and is connected to the main campus by a wooden bridge. Recently Karnataka CM Sadananda Gowda laid foundation for constructing a ropeway bridge connecting the main campus with island. We were told work would start once water levels come down. May be next year this time, hanging bridge will be another attraction here.

Badhra wildlife sanctuary is nearby and Forest department organizes jeep rides into the forest. But probability of sighting the animals is believed to be very low compared to other reserve forests.

Badhra Dam is nearby and makes nice view from the JLR campus. It appears some careless guests/staff of JLR throw the waste paper plates and other stuff into the catchment water. We could see some floating waste in dam water when we visited it. Boat ride takes you for a ride in the dam around the islands. Water sports for kids involve some floating equipments and stuff around which kids can have good time.

Food is veg and non-veg mix. Cottages have just enough space. Balcony is the best place to be, with lots of water everywhere.

I didn’t see tented cottages here, as in Bheemeshwari, K Gudi etc. There’re hardly any alternatives in the vicinity other than JLR. You may have to go to Tarikere/Badhravati/Shimoga for decent hotels.
Near to the main dam, upper Badhra project is also going on. This project was in news recently for scams and financial irregularities.

River Tern isn’t as popular as Kabini, Bheemeshwari, Galibore and other closer to Bangalore facilities of Jungle Lodges.  It is a nice place to spend couple of days with nature, assuming you’re not constrained by the budget.

Below: Upper Badhra project site

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  1. Each and every picture is soooooooooo beautiful.Thanks for sharing.

  2. nice one, Shrinidhi! just returned from here and waiting to write about it!

  3. Amazing place.. Looks like a 1 day trip will be good here..


  4. Seema: Thanks

    Indrani: Thanks

    Deepak: Thanks

    Anu: ok

    Ram: From blr? 2 day trip will be good option-stay there for a day


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