Tata Aria Photoshoot- set 2

Here’s second set of photos of Tata Aria.. View photos of first set here

Let me know if you like them better than the first set...

Tata Aria reflection in water
Aria with a beach background (Ottinene beach)
Tata Aria with rainbow
 Aria in front of Nagara Fort... more about Nagara fort here
 Aria in a road near Hebri...
Tata Aria on top of a dam
 Aria with boats in back ground... Arabian Sea
 Aria on a railway track...
 Aria with a ship in background
 another aria pic
 Tough car with a tough notebook- Aria with Panasonic Toughbook

Aria in front of Shiva statue, Murudeshwara


  1. Great set of pictures... Loved them. My Uncle has a black Aria and it is a great vehicle

  2. Reflection one and railway track one are the two i liked the most... Nice picturization

  3. loved the pics of aria on the railway track and with lord shiva!


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