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Shettihalli church submerged

You might have checked my previous post about Shettihalli Holy Rosary Church. [Click here to read the post] That was in May, when water levels were low and we could walk all around the church. This church was abandoned when villagers had to vacate their village and relocate, when Gorur dam was being built. Since then, the church lies unattended and deteriorating, fighting with nature.

When I got the Tata Aria, I wanted to do a photoshoot of the vehicle around this church. I knew water level would have raised post monsoon, but didn’t have a clue by how much. I was still hoping I’ll be able to drive close to the church. With that hope, I drove to the venue last week. With some help from locals and by recalling my May visit, we made it to the location, after a drive which was longer than what I’d thought it will be.

When I reached the venue, the water level was far more than what I’d thought. May be at its peak. The church was submerged till the neck and only little of it visible. I couldn’t drive closer so as to take a photo of the church and aria together.

Below are some photos of Shettihalli Holy Rosary church near Hassan, Karnataka
 From the nearby bridge, it is very difficult to spot the church
Below: Photo from May 2011 post of Shettihalli Holy Rosary Church


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  2. hi when does the water recede...planning to shoot there in a few days. wld appreciate ur early feed back, thnx

  3. Depending on how much less water you want...

    Try in April/May, you'll have very less water

    In Jab/Feb, expect lesser water than what you're seeing in pics.


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