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Bangalore classic scooters' club meet

2 weeks ago went to Kabban (Cubbon?) park in Bengaluru area where a meet up of classic scooters was organized. Owners who owned vintage and no so obsolete Bajaj scooters brought their scooters neatly parked outside the central library.

Managed to take some pics of the same.
Couple of birds flying off the red building in the background would have been nice, but sadly the birds didn't cooperate.

 A helmet was centre of attraction. Looked exactly like those seen in german war movies
Shutterbugs gathered in good numbers and clicked photos of the classic scooters, in various angles and positions and perspectives.
More scooters came in as we prepared to leave. Bangalore Classic Scooters Club is active on facebook and keeps organizing such meets. Do join next time if it interests you.

It was the same place where I had talked to TV9 during Tata Nano Superdrive in 2010. Photo by Prashant, More details here

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  1. I love these scooters club. something about them is classical and they have some multicolor scoots parked right outside-the bikers way


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