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Tractor tyre puncture- Instant fix technology

On day 1 of Tour Of Nilgiris, we were waiting at a Support station on the way to Mysore. The place was called Nidagatta. (A support station is where riders can have some refreshments, take rest, repair their cycles if required and then proceed)

We heard a big sound. A tractor's front left tyre had burst. The driver brought the tractor to a halt. On the road itself. We were expecting him to pullover and call for help, but he had other plans.
 A closer look at the tyre revealed its pathetic state and it bursting was very natural.
 The driver and his assistant took out some wooden planks, placed it tactically around the axle that connects the front two wheels and before we realize, they were on the move.
 They continued their journey on 3 (+2) wheels with the punctured wheel lifted up in air. All these happened within minutes.
 Creative minds and local innovation

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  1. ये है भारत का देशी जुगाड जिससे टय़ूब बच जाती है।

  2. that was interesting. wish you had taken pic of how they did it!

  3. Deepak.. Yes I should have done that. but all these happened too fast. Running behind them to stop and ask for details wasn't viable

    Sandeep: true

  4. They should file a patent for the technique.

  5. good info!! R u participating in the Tour of the Nilgiris?

  6. indrani: yes

    TGS: :)

    Arun: No, just joined them as guest blogger for 2 days.. no long leave. back in Chennai now

    Gowtham, Joshi, Sandeep; Thanks

  7. It is good idea.
    Ascenso tyres are one of the best tyre for Tractor.


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