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Tata Aria Photos-Final Set

You've seen the set 1 and set 2 of Tata Aria Photoshoot earlier. Have few more good pictures to share, so one more similar post. If you suffer from Aria overdose, please check my 2010 archive.

Below: Aria near a ship building facility...

Below: Another photo in a nearby location, where a boat (with on road capabilities) had ventured into main land to give company to Aria

Below Photo is clicked by Raviraj.. Under a tree on the way to Hasan
 A bridge on the way to Jog Falls...
Below: My final Photo of Tata Aria, after I returned it to Concorde motors in Bangalore. Aria sits with its 10 times cheaper sibling, the Nano CX...

Also I started learning ABCD of Photoshop and learnt how to make calendar wallpapers.. A sample is below, will post more later. Do give your feedbacks


  1. Nice.. so you r making calendar of all months?

  2. Normally when I take pictures, like of natural places, I always have to try so that cars don't come into the frames or at least, come as little as possible. So it is refreshing to see another angle of taking picture, where the subject itself is a car! :)

  3. Thanks deepak and Mahol

    Sunil Sir

    Yes. Car is the same, but the background can help create different perspectives of the car


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