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Tata Venture GX photoshoot

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Similar to Aria, got the recently introduced Venture GX mini van from Tata Motors.  Venture is an 8 seater mini van (5 seater config also available) with a fairly adequate diesel engine and stylish looks. Venture is more powerful and stylish than the Magic and aims to win over the customers of Omni and Eeco. More about the comparison later.

Sharing some photos of the vehicle here. It had a temporary registration and came with a condition that I shouldn't take it outside 70km radius from city. So had to confine my drive and photoshoot to few scenic and vehicle friendly places inside Chennai city.

Venture under nice yellow flowers.. somewhere off ECR
Venture with hi-jack bus. Hijack bus lets you go for a joy ride for about 600-800 Rs (veg and non veg) for a short drive on ECR with dinner
How Venture looks when parked next to a Volvo Multi axle?
 Under light house
 Under Indian Flag
Sunrise time
 Under a lamp-post
 Tata Venture GX ready to take on the light house, face to face... Appears as tall as light house and ready for a fight..

Venture photoshoot: set 2 * Venture vs Eeco and Omni *  Venture test drive and review *


  1. Design and shape of vehicle looked odd for me .

  2. Looking at these photos, I am really dont think I would call it stylish.
    Maybe I need to see it to know better.


  3. Join the official TATA Venture Facebook page www.facebook.com/TataVenture

    Also, follow TATA Venture on Twitter @TataVenture

  4. Magali

    TGS: Ok

    Ram: It is stylish when compared to Omni and Eeco...


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