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Counting millions- site stats

Million is a magical number.

According to site meter tracker which tracks the visits to this blog, my blog has recently crossed 1 million visits and 2 million page views, since the code was installed inside the blog, which was several months after the blog was created.

While I celebrate the milestone, I thank each one of you for your support and encouragement over past several years, which has ensured that I'd never loose focus from blogging and kept writing despite of work load, laziness or other distractions.

However, the average visitor count has come down drastically. Once upon a time, it was hovering around 700 visitors and 1000 page views per day, now down to 300 level. I attribute this fall mainly to people spending more and more time on facebook & twitter and probably information overload on the net.
Other recent achievements:

#9th top travel blogger in India honor
Happy to inform you that portal has recognized my blog as one of the top travel blogs in India. I was ranked at #9 out of 41 travel blogs. Fellow blogger, Mridula Dwivedi gets the crown title honor of being ranked at #1 (2020 update- link not working)

Many other well known fellow bloggers have been featured in the list and it feels like a family.

Few months earlier had ranked my blog among top 5 travel blogs in India for 2013.


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