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The real maze park, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen

I came across this tiny park near Frederiksberg Park in the heart of Copenhagen. This tiny park makes a real maze around it and people should figure out their way to the centre. The path to the centre is made up of large size plantations (refer image below) and an image is provided near the entrance for people to get an idea where they should go. After that, they need to get their way around to the centre and it will be a good exercise and fun for kinds 
Above: Left: A display near the entrance which shows correct path to the centre. Right: Finding our path to the centre.
Below: An elevated view
Note that Maze park is not its official name. I coined it for convenience. These were early morning photos, without much light.
Hats off to creative thinking of the people who conceptualized and implemented it.

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  1. I am reminded of the one I saw in Vienna.

  2. Would surely love to see one and experience it in reality, my only thoughts when I see this Happy Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

  3. Indrani, AT: Thanks for sharing your thoughts


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