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Yellow Trams in Berlin and Indira Gandhi street

On our second day in Berlin, we had little time to spare and no specific destination in mind. We decided to try a ride the the tram.

The bright yellow coloured trams look brilliant and we got into a tram from Alexandra Plaza, with no specific destination in mind. Our 19 Euro 2 day ticket covered all these rides.

We eventually got down at a place called Indira Gandhi Strabe (Indira Gandhi Street). It was a surprise, as I wasn't expecting this. I got down at this station and explored a bit around, but couldn't find any specific mention of India or Indira Gandhi.

Later, read in Wikipedia that this road used to be called Lichtenberger Way and in 1983, during the visit of then Indian Prime Minister, Mrs India Gandhi, drove through this read in an open vehicle and pressed for more economic co-operation between India and Germany. The road was renamed in her name, post her visit, sometime in November 1985. No other memorials or remembrance of that exists, even few buildings I saw displayed some other name.
After spending few minutes at Indira Gandhi street, we took a tram back to Alexandra Plaza. It looked like residential suburbes without any specific attractions
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