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Submarine toilet operating procedure

Below is an image, which obviously is that of a toilet seat. But the reason for showing it up on this blog is because it is submarine toilet seat. If you can't smell anything odd with that, be advised that using this toilet means operating 13 carefully planned instructions, by pulling various levers in a pre-defined manner.
 Spotted this in Malmo Technical museum. Below are the operating instructions for using the submarine toilet.

Above image doesn't show all the control. I assume rest of the levers, buttons and taps are positioned all around the user in the toilet chamber of the submarine


  1. it feels like entering a physics classes instead of taking a shit

  2. Hey, your posts are very nice. I read so many posts by you and found them so interesting. You put the right content with beautiful photographs that is very nice.Keep sharing!

  3. @Kevin- what do you mean? This is a museum piece, not for sale

    @Vivek - Thanks


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