Interstate tourist taxi permit fee mafia

If you’re traveling on a rented car (yellow board) and it had to cross a state border, you might remember your driver asking for extra money as permit fee. Almost all states charge a fee for tourist vehicles registered in other states to enter. It is a source of revenue to many states, particularly touristy states and a way of protecting commercial interests of local taxis.
Pay more if you're travelling in yellow board
This post shares some of my observations in this regard.

Different states have different rate structures. While most states offer daily/weekly/monthly charges, some states only offer long term tax (like Himachal Pradesh, which charges Rs 610 for 2 month entry permit- even for a 24 hour visit, one has to pay Rs 610)

The tax rates often depend on how many seats are there in the vehicle, duration of visit and other factors. Below is a comprehensive list of fees for all states and UTs in India. (Few states where data not available if you are aware pls comment- thanks)

Fee (INR)
Duration/Vehicle type

No land connection!
Andhra Pradesh
1 year, all vehicles

Arunachal Pradesh
15 Days

1 month

10 days

7 days

15 days

1 month
+ 200 for every week after that

Not sure

Not sure
Dadar & Nagar Haveli
Per week

Daman & Diu

Not sure
Per Entry

Per 3 days, Rs 300 for next 4 days, Rs 300 per subsequent week

5 seater, 7 days

7 seater, 7 days

Per day

Himachal Pradesh
3 months

Per day

Per week

Per month

For 4 months

5 seater, 7 days

7 seater, 7 days

Per entry
Was 150 earlier, tour operators ask for 500 if not checked

Madhya Pradesh
Per entry

Per Entry



14 days

6 months

15 days

6 months


Not sure
5 seater, 1 day
More for multi-day/ 7 seaters
Per day

Per day, 5 seater

Per month, 5 seater

Per day, 7 seater

Per month, 7 seater

Per day

Tamil Nadu
7 days,  5 seater

7 days,  7 seater

For 3 months

7 days

3 days

First 4 days
Was 250 earlier

For 1 month

West Bengal
Per month


Compiled partly from Zoomcar site and rest from personal experience/online. Information as available at the time of compiling. Rates may change over time as per respective government decisions. For reference only.
RTO checkpost at HP border
Himachal pradesh entry fee for tourist taxi
UP tourist taxi entry permit fee
What happens if you don’t pay the taxes? RTO officials are authorized to seize the vehicle and fine up to 5000/10000 Rs. But this check rarely happens. That is probably because taxi drivers do not have any motive to skip paying the tax, as they pass on the entire burden to their customers. The fear of seizure and fine also forces them not to take any chances. Also if the customers are unsuspecting, a taxi driver might add another 100 Rs to the actual amount, while collecting money from the customers. 

During my 5 day, 5 states, 2000kms road trip in North India, I wasn't ever asked for permit details. While returning to Delhi our car was stopped by Punjab police- they asked me to open the boot, which I complied- we had over a dozen bag and asked if we should open it and show- they just let us through, without asking for permit or checking the bags. I’ve never seen an RTO official asking for permit receipt from a tourist vehicle. (But this is NOT a reason NOT to pay permit fee).

There’re lots of practical challenges in this concept of Interstate permit fee or tax for tourist vehicles (Yellow board):
1. When a state has multiple entry points, a check post or booth to pay entry tax may not be available on all roads that lead to the state. These check posts often exist on main entrances. Taxi drivers are familiar with these points, hence make a point to go through them and pay the tax, but those using unconventional routes may often miss these check posts. It is not fair to expect a driver to always know where exactly is the check post and then drive several of extra kms to visit that post and pay the tax.

While going from Delhi to UP, I was told that the booth to pay UP road tax is located near Anand Vihar bus stand. This meant about 5-6kms detour and 30 mins of extra time (this was at midnight, expect more time in day time). If I was to enter Haryana and then enter UP from a different road, where do I supposed to go to pay the tax? Of course lots of states offer online payment facility for the permit fee.

Similarly, if we're going from Chennai to Tirupati on the conventional route, we find a check post to pay permit fee. But if I am to go to Sriharikota, then to Venkatagiri and then connect to Bangalore-Tirupati road, probability of finding a check post is very low. If there's no place to pay tax on the route I am taking, why should I travel extra, wasting time, fuel etc to pay tax?

2. Lot of time customers end up paying double tax- for example, if we’re going from Delhi to Himachal Pradesh via Punjab, say you start from Delhi on Friday morning, pass via Punjab and reach HP border by evening, spend 24 hours in HP and return to Delhi on Saturday/Sunday- in this process, we’ll have to pay Punjab tax for 2 days (though total time spent in Punjab is less than 24 hours, pay 600 Rs to HP Govt, just to be in for a day etc. I feel this tax should be abolished if a driver can prove that he is only passing through the state and doesn’t intend to stay (such as showing hotel confirmations etc)

3. It is very common for people manning permit booths to demand 50 Rs or so extra than the receipt amount. If questioned, they might let you pay only the receipt amount. At HP border, the guy asked me to enter my name in his computer, because he had left is spectacles back home. As I typed my name, he asked for Rs 650, while the print out showed Rs 600. When I demanded why extra, he pointed to a text which said “Processing fee Rs 10 extra’. Then I paid only Rs 600 and another 10. He murmured something but accepted the money.

4. As a customer, if you go near the officials who print the receipt, you might be asked to go away. This is often a ploy to ensure that you don’t see the receipt amount.

5. If I pay for a day, assuming that I will return before midnight, but a major traffic jam or pathetic roads on the way delays the return, whose fault it is? Is the taxi driver and customers expected to factor such delays and pay for an extra day?

6. Please note that this permit fee amount is in addition to 100s of rupees charged by numerous toll booths.

7. During 2010, when we toured 6 states for over 26 days as a part of Tata Nano superdrive, we had an events team which was going a day ahead of us in a tourist bus. (their task was to reach the next city, prepare for hotel events etc). During 26 days road trip, the bus had to pay Rs 1.6 lakhs in permits and tolls. Yes, it is 1.6 lakh rupees in interstate permit and tolls. (Bus has much more seats compared to a taxi, so permit tax for a bus will be much higher)- this is about Rs 6200 a day OR Rs 27000 per state or Rs 29 per km.

8. Lots of taxi operators arrange white board vehicles for interstate travel, to avoid this hefty permit fee and often expect customers to shell out 50% of the permit fee they ‘saved’ because of this genius arrangement. This is illegal, but very difficult to enforce. Passengers are trained to say “this is our relative’s vehicle” and nothing much can be done to prove otherwise.

9. Tour operators in Mangalore often arrange for alternate vehicles at Kerala border and ask their passengers to get down and board another bus- to save 1000s of rupees otherwise had to be shelled out on interstate permit.

10. The interstate permit tax is applicable to self drive vehicles as well. Bangalore based Zoomcars reimburses AP state permit to its customers, as a policy. Carzonrent doesn’t have such a policy.

11. These days toll and permit fees add up to as much as diesel cost or even greater.

12. When new states are created, travelers burden doubles. Now that Telangana is being created, will AP reduce its permit fee by Half since half of its land is gone? Will Telangana stop charging those who’ve already paid AP entry permit? For no apparent logic, travelers now need to shell out twice the money.
Pondy Entry fee
 13. In hill stations, space is at premium. Lots of parking spaces are grabbed by local taxi unions and outside vehicles are not allowed to park there (see sample image below, clicked in Dharmashala). If an outside taxi pays permit fee, then it should get full access to all parking spaces otherwise illegally protected by local taxis.
14. If I am not using all the seats in the car, I still have to pay full tax. For example, say I've removed last row seats of Innova and made it a luxury 4 seater. Still tax needs to be paid as per RC book. Similarly, even if a taxi driver wishes to go to other state for his personal work or to take his family for an outing, tax still needs to be coughed up.


  1. Regarding point 3 ,abt the clerk asking you to enter your name -you should ask him for 650 for doing his work -guess after you got the receipt.

    We are still living in the era of british raj,there has to be some rationalization of permits to ensure seamless travel and middlemen.

    Dont know why the tata nano bus didnt have national permit,that they would wouldnt have to pay such hefty permits.

    Same is the case of toll roads where there is no end date or how much of money has been collected ,toll should be ended after a certain date once costs are recovered / money reduced to only maintain the roads.

    There are hundreds of illegal bridge tolls in several places in india collected by local panchayat ,in some cases the bridges are crumbling.

    All thanks for the useless union govt which doesnt have a comprehensive road policy

  2. Yes, I should have thought about it..

    Agree. There has to be a rationale to determine how much should be the tax, what are the benefits etc.

    Thanks for the detailed comment

    1. Hi Shrinidhi,I am planning to buy a Bolero power+, But I am confused , as my purpose of buying it is for both commercial(tourist purpose) and personal use. And for this I have to go for a yellow number plate registration, but reading all these scenarios I wonder , is it possible to have a national permit for the vehicle or I think bluffing the system by registering it to a white number plate could be an option to prevent paying hefty and baseless taxes. WTF..My country I should be free to roam and travel anywhere in the country, why pay different taxes at different states. Either make it one tax one time national permit or else just remove it, One nation free to travel.

    2. Hi...I am planning to buy a Bolero power+, and I want to use it for both commercial(tourist purpose) and personal use. But looking at the scenarios,I want your suggestion , if I go for a yellow number plate registration , is it possible toget a national permit to avoid these hefty baseless taxes. Or should I go for a white number plate registration and keep bluffing the system of taxation.

  3. hi Shrinidhi,
    i have been an regular reader to your blog post and the recent one which is "interstate tourist taxi permit fee mafia " is a eyeopener for many travelers who take taxi services to other states. i often take self drive cars to Tamil nadu a 4+1 seater car where i am asked to pay 150 totally at the hosur check post. is it possible for me to get details on fee policy in tamilnadu for suv class of vehicle

  4. Hi,

    I am travelling to Tamil Nadu(Rameshwaram, Kanyakumari, etc.,) from Bellary(karnataka) along with my family members in 28seater Swaraj Mazda.

    Does anyone know how much tax or state permit i need to pay ?

  5. @KiranV

    I do not know the exact amount- but should be around a thousand rupees. Ask for receipt and check the amount as driver might quote few hundred rupees more.

    If you're entering Via AP then you'll have to pay for AP also.

    If possible take a train till some city in TN and rent a vehicle from there.

    @Rajbharath: I remember paying around Rs 600 for a Tavera..should be around that.

  6. If I'm traveling to himachal from Delhi for 3 days how much the toll tax and permit will cost for yellow plate .tell me anyone asap

  7. Rs 610.. Permit valid for 3 months though

  8. You are absolutely right. In himachal Pradesh they force you for a quarterly tax if you have 7 seater commercial vehicle even if u spend one day. Govt have to device some rational formula.

  9. I had once sent a suggestion to the Union Minister of Road Transport, to rationalise this whole Tax and Permit system, by introducing a simple Toll booth sort of thing at every entry point to the state, where every vehicle, irrespective of it being a private car, or a taxi, or a bus or whatever, thats concerned with movement of people and not goods, and then to charge a nominal amnount per seat of the vehicle, occupied or not, every time the vehicle crosses the border. Lets say Rs. 25/- - 50/- per seat. So a sedan would pay for 5 seats, a big car like Innova would pay 400/- and a bus , Rs. 2000/-. Makes sense ?
    Now this will remove all the vagaries associated with the process, and rationalise the whole system, while also ensuring the state is not deprived of its revenue required for the upkeep of the infrastructure.
    I'm still waiting for even an acknowledgement.
    Can I request comments on this arrangement ?

  10. Good idea. But why charge private cars also?

  11. Sir, we are planning to visit kerela via Valparai - Athirapally - Munnar on Dec 25 & 26th What will be State Permit of a Mini Bus have Seating Capacity of 21.

  12. Don't know exact amount. This article claims Rs 600 per seat, which puts the amount at 12000-13000 Rs for a 21 seat minibus. It might be cheaper to take a bus/train to Kerala and then hire a local vehicle

  13. Hi, as all said above, system is very ridiculous, I had travelled to kerala from Mumbai via bangalore Mumbai highway, this year Feb, Inc Xylo 7 seater tourist Permit vehicle from Mulund to at the end of golden quadrilateral, I payed 1200 for Toll, the main thing is when we reached karnataka border from Mumbai, the officer told us to pay 16500/- for Permit that too for 1 year, and they take that in cash, they will only accept demand draft, at 2:00 am where will we make a demand draft.they told us to halt at a nearby hotel and instead morning when banks open we have to make a demand draft.we talked very politely to the officer, because we doesn't know about this DD, we can give cash, but he didn't take cash, and said if anything happens when we were passing through, the are not responsible, we left there and at morning, we reached kerala border, they only charged 2000/- for 3 month, we only need one month stay, but they told that it's the minimum charges.

    And recently i heard that karnataka had reduced there charges to 2500/- for 7 days or 15 days.

    Really the Toll charges are too high and 16500/- for just passing through karnataka to reach kerala.......!!!!!!!?????? About approximately 6 to 8 hours running from maharashtra border to kerala border... We have to pay 16500/- Permit, plus 1200/- Toll, plus 5000/- Diesel.

    I was noted down all the detail from start to end of my trip.each minute detail. But that paper missed, after the trip.

    Anyway salute to Indian government

    Average middle class man cannot afford this hectic amount, but what if, if there's an emergency situation.....


    I was surfing thru interstate Permit on Internet, because I have to go bangalore for some work.
    Somebody said the fee was reduced.

  14. hi i am travling in haryana , delhi,panjab,himachal pradesh and j&k for 9 days tour with yellow plate tavera. will you plz find me the tax amount for this ?

  15. @Amit

    Punjab Rs 120 per day, HP Rs 610 (valid for 3 months), If you rent in Delhi it is likely to have Haryana permit by default (as they often go to Gurgaon).. J&K I am not sure... Overall it should cost a few thousand rupees easily.

  16. @Jignesh
    Thanks for sharing your detailed experience. Yes everyone wants to look commercial vehicles. There is no clear logic, process or uniformity among states. Everyone is free to charge whatever they feel like

  17. @Jignesh
    Best is often to take a train and hire local vehicle, or drive in your own white board vehicle. I am not sure about Bangalore rates-never had to try

  18. Some states have a temporary entry tax based on the vehicle type and number of days stay. Example TN is Rs. 60 below 7 days.

    Often can guys quote the permit amount. That is different.

    Better to refer to each states' RTO before traveling and take s print out. That way nobody can cheat you.

    On a side note, vehicle taxes, this one and the lifetime tax for new vehicles is higher than even the excise taxes collected. And the easiest in terms of cost of collection.

    Excise or sales taxes are often litigated. Plus you need large number of staff to ensure compliance. Usually the cost of collecting such tax per 1/- is almost 50 paise.

  19. Hello,
    Today I just found your blog and this is really helpful.
    We are planning to go to pune from Bangalore this December end by carzonrent self drive vehicle. I am worried about the entry tax for Maharashtra. I heard it is approximately ₹200 for a week,but I am worried about where to pay the tax. Where is the toll booth in between nipani to Kolhapur. Can anyone help me out on this?

  20. @Sam - for the 2 locations you mentioned, Kognoli is the toll plaza.

    Its Rs. 40 per car.

    You can check by yourself for other places.

    Go to: nhtis dot org. Click the map link. Enter your source and destinations.

    I heard that the highway authority has an app for this. You may search on play store if you wish.


  21. Here is the toll plaza and rates if you like.

    Fee Effective Date : 01-Apr-2015
    Type of vehicle Single Journey Return Journey Monthly Pass Commercial Vehicle Registered within the district of plaza
    Car/Jeep/Van 40.00 65.00 1460.00 20.00
    LCV 90.00 140.00 3125.00 45.00
    Bus/Truck 190.00 290.00 6460.00 95.00
    Upto 3 Axle Vehicle 190.00 290.00 6460.00 95.00
    4 to 6 Axle 325.00 485.00 10750.00 160.00
    HCM/EME 325.00 485.00 10750.00 160.00
    7 or more Axle 390.00 5

  22. plz let me know road tax details fr tourist cars frm maharashtra entering karnataka fr 15 days to 1 month

  23. 750 per passenger. It's valid for a year.

    You could just stop 100 meters away from the check post. Ask all adults to walk across the border. Then get back in a bit past the post.

  24. Here is the reference:[1].pdf

  25. Thanks Deepak for stepping in and sharing right info

  26. hi thanks fr ur input,is it confirmed coz earlier till 2014 it was approx 9000 fr cars an 16500 fr innova fr 1 year i myself had an experience tourist taxis frm maharashtra entering karnataka....plz let me know the exact amount an period,coz i will be going 2 kerala in tourist car in april 2016.....frm mumbai..... plz let me know................ thanks..

  27. It's dependent on the floor board area. Above 6 m square or below. Plus # of adults.

    All have different rates. Please refer the linked PDF above. It has the exact values.

  28. There is one thing though. Since it's valid for a year, if a cab or innova has paid once, he does not pay again that year.

    I have a strong suspicion. Seems to me, cab guys take full cash from passengers on all trips and just pretend to pay.

    They'll just keep the money for themselves. Maybe the border guards are privy to it? I don't know.

  29. @Deepak- very likely. I have noticed customers are discouraged from going near the counter while this fee is paid and if proof is not asked, drivers usually collect more money from customers than actual fee. So one should check receipt before paying the driver

  30. Plz let me know the interstate permit fee (entry tax) for entry Into Andhra pradesh from Karnataka in a tourist taxi. Gopalakrishnan.

    1. .Any changes in karnataka to manthralaya visit. How much. Thanks

  31. I think it is about Rs 200 or so for small cars. Do not know the exact amount, but it is not huge. Zoom car says it will reimburse Andhra permit fee.

  32. hi plz let me know exact amount of road tax in karnataka fr TOURIST CAR TATA MANZA, frm maharashtra....

  33. Pls let me know exact amount of tp tax in Karnataka for Ertiga 7 seater

  34. Hi Srinidhi,

    Am planning to use the self drive car from revv for the first time... drive between bangalore & hyderabad for the weekend. This will mean I cut through AP and the new Telangana. Am looking for some inputs on the documents that are required for paying the taxes/entry fees/permits. Along with that would you know where these payment counters / check posts are ?

  35. @Marcus- sorry for late reply

    You don't have to worry about the documents- rental agency will have all the documents needed. You just need to pay the amount- they are usually located just after the state border- you will see many yellow board taxis parked around it.

    Try online too.

  36. @Noor patel
    Checked a few links, couldn't locate exact amount. Should be similar to what Innova guys pay. Pls check at border.

    @Nishanth-again, sorry don't have exact amount- check at border.

  37. If anyone is good with excel a chart can be made showing the matrix of inter state costs.

    As far as Karnataka goes, it's dependent on:
    1. the base area of the vehicle >< 5m square approx. 1000/-
    2. Vehicle on road Cost >< 15 lakhs - approx. 500/-
    3. the number of passengers - 500 per head

    So if you are 5 passengers + driver = 4000/-

    If you're a foreigner, the amount you pay the driver for hire charges must be in foreign currency. Not the interstate tax though.

    I'm think a simple 2-3 screen app can be provided by the central govt. for efficient collections.

    Even a cheap phone transmits its location to the nearest tower. No need to trouble the GPS satellites.

    That can be deducted from the drivers prepaid phone currency. Or added to his post paid bill.

    In both cases, the hiring party transfers the amounts to the driver's phones. Or pays directly and forwards the confirmation SMS to driver.

    Telcos must be arm twisted to enable free usage. Banks must enable the payment gateways as an essential service.

    It's got a 1000 times more value than a face-tube freebie.

  38. Thanks Deepak Raju for detailed explanation.

    I think 4000 for a 5 seater is steep- a short trip to Karnataka won't be viable at that amount- it is got to be more sensible.

    Yes, it is possible to simplify and automate this, but the transport department is a money making machine- automation will reduce corruption which some people don't want.

  39. To know the entry tax for cabs for every state you may use this string.

    Copy to google and hit the enter button.
    entry tax motor cab site:*.in

    For bing replace "site" with "domain".

    Have fun.

  40. Thanks to find a active group, who could answer my Qs

    1) I am planning to take my family members to Tirupati from Bangalore in Tempo Traveler (12 Seater) - Karnataka Vehicle. I would like to know what is the Permit fee for Tempo Traveler to be paid @ Andhra check point ?

    Bangalore to Tirupati - Permit Fee ?

    2) From Tirupati we continue to travel to Tirutani, TamilNadu, what is the permit fee to be paid for the same Tempo Traveler entering Tamil Nadu?

    Tirupati to Tirutani, TN - Permit Fee ?

    Appreciate your prompt


  41. Hello.
    I'm going to Maharastra from Rajasthan via Madhya Pradesh for a tour in a 52 seater non a/c bus. I know the border tax rates of MP. Anyone have any idea about the border tax per seat for Maharashtra?? Please tell me asap.


  42. Hi, Can someone help?

    I have a yellow board taxi registered in Karnataka with national permit, wish to travel from Karnatak to Kerala(via Tamilnadu).

    The travel is towards my hometown in kerala with family for two weeks.

    1. Do I need to take any permit to enter Tamilnadu and kerala?

    2. Do I need to pay any state entry tax in kerala and Tamilnadu

    3. Can I pay online?

    4. What is the meaning of National permit if we need to pay for each state?


  43. What is tax for innova 7 seater for one day andhra tax

  44. Pls Let me know the interstate tax for Ford Figo to tamilnadu and kerala

  45. Kerala and TN both charge 250. It's valid for 1 week.

    You also have to carry your originals of the DL and vehicle RC.

    This rate is for 4+1 vehicle capacity. Innova type 6+1 it is appropriatey double.

  46. @Prince Henry- thanks for sharing the details

    @Punith- You got the answer now. Ask for receipt if officials at the counter quote a large amount

  47. I'm planning to start a taxi business. I would like to know what is the tax per day for a 4+1 taxi entering Maharashtra from Gujarat? Can I pay the tax for the whole month, if yes, what is the amount? Also, is it possible to pay online? Thanks.

  48. @Vikas- I don't have those information- fellow taxi drivers in your area should be aware of this information. Best wishes for your new business

  49. Iam planning to visit ganagapur in karnataka and parli vaidhyanadh in maharastra in the month of august by 12 seater travel bus how much tax i have to pay in karnataka and also in maharastra ??????

  50. Planning for 3 days trip from Bangalore to Wayanad(Kerala) in an Innova.
    we checked with a travel agent, and they are saying Rs6000/- for the interstate permit.
    Also saying the amount has increased few days back.

    Please help me to get the exact amount need to pay from Karnataka to Kerala trip.

  51. Planning to hire a yellow board Innova to travel to Shirdi from Coimbatore- Tamilnadu .Can you please help me with the entry tax details of Karnataka and Maharashtra. I know that for Karnataka i can pay the entry tax before entering Bangalore somewhere after Hosur. but where should i pay for Maharashtra..Can these entry taxes paid online for both Karnataka and Maharashtra..Is there any other issues like driver badge etc...Please help...

  52. @Anon- I paid only Rs 150 for Scorpio at Kerala border. Amount should be similar for Innova as well, may be another 50-100 more if there is some increase, certainly NOT Rs 6000, which is a rip off.

    Inform operator that you will be happy to pay the amount as per receipt at the interstate border- once driver shows the receipt pay that amount. Nothing extra, nothing less, else try booking self drive or with some other operator

    @Senthil- answers are already given in above comments I guess, but will be within a thousand or two. If you have an option take a bus/train/flight to Mumbai/Pune and then rent a car.

    @Nageshwar- sorry, I don't have the amount handy. Best wishes

  53. There is an article mentioning the Kerala entry tax has been increased. But apparently if you are in a state permit taxi the fees is lower than national permit. The national permit taxi needs to pay tax for the year. State permit taxi has to pay for shorter duration. Could anyone confirm this please? Also any idea, what the amount is likely for Kerala for state permit taxis.

  54. Tamilnadu to Andra pradesh (Thirumalai Tirupathi) Bus entrance fees,permit & extra feeses ?

  55. I m planing to shift my house hold thingsd/luggage in Tata Ace from gulbarga karnataka to pune maharashtra. what will be the road permit charges to entry in another state.

  56. I am travelling to Jaipur from Delhi by renting a self drive car. May I know where in my route can I find these check points to pay the inter state taxes And are these taxes other than the normal tolls we pay during the journey?

  57. I am travelling to Jaipur from Delhi by renting a self drive car. May I know where in my route can I find these check points to pay the inter state taxes And are these taxes other than the normal tolls we pay during the journey?

  58. Not familiar with that- try
    1. Try online if Jaipur state has an online system (Punjab has)
    2. Ask the rental agency
    3. Ask any taxi driver
    4. Keep going, keep looking for any check post/counter with commercial tax or RTO etc written...

  59. im travelling from bangalore to goa in hyundai verna. what will the road i need to pay?? total of 5ppl for 3 days
    can anyone please update..!!!

  60. im travelling from Bangalore to Goa, what will be the road tax need to be paid?
    total of 5 ppl for 3 days
    can anyone pls let me know the fare to be paid?


  61. @Sumanth
    if it is white board car, no tax has to be paid

  62. Hi, I am going to goa with my pals and the vehicle is yellow borad vehicle and i own a valid licence. Will i be objected in check post for this??

  63. I have to take my Yellow board Radio Taxi from Gurgaon to Mumbai and not sure how much will I have to pay at each border and how many Toll booths would I be required to pay to cross it.
    With demonetization in effect, need to know how much cash to carry and avoid chaos.
    Plz help!!

  64. What would be touris taxi entry fee for Innova (7+1 or 6+1 seater) ? we are planning to for 5 days?

  65. @Anon- Your taxi company should have an idea. Anyway,carry a few thousands minimum

  66. Thanks Srinidhi. Sorry for not mentioning state - It's for Goa - I am told 3 versions - 450, 4000 and 1000 - thats why I am confused.

  67. I just called up Goa transport dept - it's Rs 300 for 6+1 and approx 2500 for 7+1 as upto 6+1 it comes under LMV whereas for 7+1 onwards its catory gets changes from LMV to passanger vehicle.

  68. Pls suggest any agent for Maharashtra

  69. Any idea how much is the permit fee for 6+1 tourist vehicle like Innova from Karnataka to enter Maharashtra? Info would be of great help.

  70. Mere paash all india permit bhi mujhe dusre state mai tex dena hoga.meri wegonR cab u.p.register hai aur main hariyana jaayu to mujhe wahan tex dena hoga.aur kitna.per quarter n year.all india permit ka kya matlab rahe gaya jab tex dena hoga dusri state mai.

  71. Hi, Can someone help?

    I have a yellow board taxi Innova 7+1 Seater registered in Karnataka with national permit, wish to travel from Karnatak to Manali for 10 Days trip for 4 Couples.

    Please Tell me how Much Tax i Pay
    how much State will come
    how much state entry Tax please tell me sir

  72. Friends can someone inform me the permit charges I have to pay for travel from Bangalore to Hyderabad and back for a seven seater self driven taxi journey is for 3 days only

  73. What is the charge of tourist permit from Mumbai to karnatak for a week or month

  74. What is the charge of tourist permit from Mumbai to karnatak for a week or month

  75. How much tax I need to pay for delhi to Punjab and then Punjab to jammu

  76. How much tax I need to pay for delhi to Punjab for commercial vehicle

  77. Hi All
    I am Planing ti go belgaon from Mumbai in 13 Seter tempo Traveller
    How Much tax I need to pay for Karnataka border ??
    And exactly where I need to pay in Pune Bangalore hiway??

  78. I am going mumbai to belgaon with 13+1 Seter tempo Traveller
    How much tax to pay in border and where I can pay in Pune to Bangalore Highway?????

  79. I am going mumbai to belgaon with 13+1 Seter tempo Traveller
    How much tax to pay in border and where I can pay in Pune to Bangalore Highway?????

  80. I have all India permit yello plate taxi, my taxi will stay in chhattisgarh for 6 month do I need to pay any road tax or something.if yes, can I pay it online

  81. Hi Guys to get to ur notice the entry permit to Goa for a 6+1 seater vehicle tourist yellow plate is 318/- for 55 days

    1. Is yellow badge compulsory to enter goa driving a yellow tourist cab

    2. Is yellow badge compulsory to enter goa driving a yellow tourist cab

  82. Hello,

    Ivwantes to travel to maharastra from karnataka using rental car that is black with yellow board plate which has all india permit, may i know the cost of the permit or the entry fee to enter maharastra. And also wanted to know will they charge the permit on weekly basis or i will have to pay the whole years tax??

  83. Is it necessary to produce yellow badge or yellow card befor entering goa in yellow tourist vehicle i own all india permit.. Though i have a transport license and police verification done at local mumbai police... We r traveling from Mumbai to goa with my frds and this car is own by my mother

  84. Hi,

    I will be travelling in my All India Permit 7 seater cab from mumbai to chennai through Karnataka. I will be using the national highway in Karnataka for my travel and no stopping in between. Since I will only pass through the state that too via national highway 48 and i have an AIPT permit already, should I am required to pay tax at Karnataka borde. In tamilnadu, i will have to pay since I will be staying there for 15 days. Please anyone share your inputs regarding my query.

  85. Hi ,
    Karnataka currupt officer at kognoli chek post asking forcefully to pay 17500 as a permit for all india permit vehicle of suv class. Last time my customer was not ready to pay that much tax and my car get caught by fucking currupt rto police in davangire and they ask to pay 10k as fine and final settlement they took 5000 from customer.

    I really fed up with these fellow, at checkpost yesterday also they denied to get a permit for 7 days and ask me to pay 17500. Again customer fed up and we reach our destination without catching by rto. Let's pray hopefully for to.arrow to cross the border safety.

    According to motor vehicle act 1988 and according to karnataka motor vehicle rule 1989, a interstate tax for maxi cab is of approximate 750 to 1000 ss shown on there website according to mva of cluse 89-9 . I shown both documents to rto officer then also he forciNg me to pay 17500 or go into karnataka st my own risk. Some time I though I should stop car at check post kill these both buddy basterd corrupt officers.

    I will suggest you not to take yellow permit car in karnataka, I put an rti in central and karnataka government for these and let get answer hopefully at earliest to padte here.

  86. Hello All,
    Need helping suggestion. We travelled to pondichery from Bangalore in yellow board innova n stated there for 2 days. That time driver didn't mention anything about check post payment. When we reached back Bangalore he was asking to pay 2000/- what he payed at the check post to pondichery. When we asked for receipt he mentioned that no receipt is provided for the same. We denied to give the money without any proof of payment. We also called the company from where we booked the cab, but they also not providing the receipt and asking to pay 2000/-. Also they have given my pH no to n no. Of people n they are calling me to get the money. Plz suggest what shd I do in this situation

    1. He is trying to cheat you. There's no need to pay so much without a receipt. Pondichery permit fee is around Rs 28 only (this was for a 5 seater, may be little more for 7/8 seater Innova. TN check post fee is around Rs 450 I think. Check post people give receipt.

      Tell them you will complain to police if they insist on extra money without receipt. My guess is they didn't pay anything (which is wrong but checking is weak so many times they get away with it) but trying to make some extra money by collecting double amount from you.

  87. Hi sir, good information what u provided, v r planning a trip starting from telangana to karnataka, Goa, kerla, tmailnadu, tirupati, finally to home town. We plan to engage tofan . give better suggestion , can v opt white or yellow plate , please explain how much tax we should pay for all planned States weather yellow r white plate vehicle, thanks u sir

    1. I have updated the post with latest entry tax fee for all states n UT- pls check

  88. 1. Will there be a difference in Entry Permit for All India Permit vs. State Permit cars?
    2. Planning to take a Innova taxi from Blr to Pondicherry. Is the Entry permit same if its 6+1 or 7+1 ?

  89. We are planning to travel bidar karnataka for 10 days from Mumbai i have 6+1 innova so how much i have to pay for the entry tax for 10 to 15 days

  90. Hello SHRINIDHI HANDE , you are doing a great help to all sir ,
    sir i with my family going Maharashtra for a marriage from karnataka in a 13+1 TT, the route which i have to go through passes through telangana and only few kms from telanaga to Maharashtra, can i know the Temporary permit fee and for how many days duration for both telangana and maharashtra

  91. can anyone tell me know what is the entry tax to kerala from karnataka in a 12+1 TT ? is it 5500 ? is it a real price or cheating? please confirm.

    1. lot less- ask for receipt. rental agencies quote much bigger number

  92. can anyone tell me know what is the entry tax to karnataka from Maharastra in tourist car 5 seater for 15 days please confirm.

  93. Hello sir i have plan manali from delhi tour 4 days innova yellow board. How much cost Toll and state tax?

  94. Hello SHRINIDHI HANDE/Team,

    Need a suggestion, I have Thorugh out india permit for 5years in karnataka and planning to go my home town which is in andhrapradesh.

    Do i need to pay entry tax, if so what is the Amount?

    Please share the price list for all over the states entry tax in india.

    is that mandatory to take the commercial badge for driving the yellow board swift dezire Taxi?

    1. Hi Suresh, I don't have such a repository- whatever I knew is included in this post- rest you've to search n find online or ask at state borders while crossing.

      I think vehicles with all India permit also need to pay state entry tax. No exceptions. Andhra Pradesh charges a steep 2000 Rs + per vehicle, but a longer validity.

  95. Hai...i have a yellow board car Bangalore , it's a all India permit, so I got a booking Bangalore to vadodara Gujarat ,it's a first time I will go, coming December, can you please tell me suggestions how many tolls cost and RTO commercial taxe will pay?

  96. Hai...i have a yellow board car Bangalore , it's a all India permit, so I got a booking Bangalore to vadodara Gujarat ,it's a first time I will go, coming December, can you please tell me suggestions how many tolls cost and RTO commercial taxe will pay?


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