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Overpriced Bangalore Airport toll-Solution

Here's my solution to the issue of overpriced airport toll in Bengaluru.

Looks like everyone wants to rob flying public. Everything inside and near an airport is already expensive and now toll companies want their share too, from people going to and coming from the airport.
Old and new toll rates on airport road- image from Deepak Majipatil
Recently the operator of toll booth on Airport road have increased toll by 4 times, causing massive protests by taxi operators and general public alike.

Here's a possible way to teach a lesson to the toll company, which has taken people for granted and is all set to loot the public.

1. Bring a few hundred trolleys from airport and place them near toll plaza
2. Taxi operators like Meru, EasyCabs etc should place half of their airport fleet on one half of the toll both (say airport side) and rest on the other (say city side)
3. When a customer is being transported to Airport, the taxi on the city side picks him/her up, brings them till the toll booth.
4. Here passenger gets off the cab and walks across the toll both
5. Cab driver from the airport side picks up the passenger after he crosses the toll booth and takes him/her to the airport. His/her luggage can be transported on the airport trolleys, with assistance from both drivers.
6. Reverse procedure for picking up passengers from airport and dropping them off into city
Contextual image- toll booth on nice road
Though this might cause some inconvenience to the passengers, the idea if implemented will force toll company to reduce the toll.

Taxi companies can reduce no of cars at airport- this means reduced parking fee paid to the airport.

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  1. Good idea. But not practical ;)

    I think u r sarcastic here :P

  2. There is no 'U' turn before the toll.

  3. There is no 'U' turn before the toll.

  4. There is no 'U' turn before the toll.

  5. Sridhara: Thanks

    Vi Ra He: Why not? It is little inconvenient for sure, but not completely impactical.

    Gopinath- after reaching toll booth if you refuse to pay, they need to let you go back some how


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