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ET Wow stunt show- Chennai, Bengaluru, Coimbatore

ET Wow! Is back

Extra Terrestrial Wow!, a 45 minute stunt show is back. I had the privilege of viewing its first edition back in 2010. [View details] The organizer, showspace would bring together some of world’s best stuntsmen together to offer various acts that we would dismiss as a camera trick if seen on television. Seeing them perform these stunts live is a great experience to have and will be an ideal treat for your family and friends. This show is much different and unique from various circus or magic shows you might have seen.

View trailer below:

This year, ET Wow is happening in 3 South Indian cities- Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore. Below are the key information you might need to plan.

Ticket Fares: Rs 375, Rs 750, Rs 1000, Rs 1200, to Rs 1500  (+ 3.5% internet transaction fee by booking portals extra). Higher the amount you pay, closer will be your seating to the stage. Instead of spending 500 Rs on a movie ticket in PVR/imax, watch this show, you will cherish it.

Show Dates & time:
Chennai: June 20, 21, 22nd AND June 27, 28, 29th, 3.30 PM, 6 PM and 8.30 PM
The Music Academy, Mylapore

Bangalore: July 5, 6th AND July 12, 13th, 4PM, 6PM, 8PM
Pheonix Market City, Mahadevapura

Coimbatore: June 14th and 15th
Codissia, Huzur Road, 3PM, 5.15PM, 7.30 PM

Tickets are available at the venue, or online. Full details here

Profile of each performer and a quick trailer of his/her stunts is available at the above website. Reading it helps you understand appreciate the show better

Photography is not allowed during the show.

It is a fairly complicated process to organize such shows- these performers are often managed via their agents, who charge a hefty fee. The performers are invited to India with proper work permits and other legal formalities, which take lot of effort and money. Given that these are some of the world’s best artists/performers, getting many of them together and presenting a show like ET Wow is a herculean  task. Showspace, an event management company, decided to run their own events 4 years back and ET Wow! is a result of that. They've been fairly successful in its previous editions. I wish them good luck for 2014 edition.

I might visit the show this weekend. Expect more updates thereafter.


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