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"Life is what you make it"-Preeti Shenoy

This book, from its title looked like a “self-improvement” book. But then, it is a fiction. I had added it to the cart purely because it was priced at Rs 60 and allowed me to clear minimum order amount and avoid paying Rs 40 delivery charges.
Book is written from a girl’s perspective, who is suspected to have mental disorders. With initial few scenes in a hospital, story goes to flashback, providing an account of a rather predictable teenage love story. If you’re looking for entertainment, this middle part is the one to read. However, couple of tragic incidents turn situations upside down and scene changes back to hospital and mental science.

But then, what is the fun if all stories result in happy ending. Real life is full of tragedies and this book is close to reality in a sense.

If you’re a parent with college going kid, this book might be useful to you- offers a perspective from teenager’s point of view and you could learn a tip or two as to what to do and what not to do while dealing with teenagers. Otherwise the pages book may not excite you much, if you’re an impatient lot who can’t sustain detailed reading of emotional trauma.

I’ve briefly told you what to expect from the book. If these topics are to your taste, do grab a copy. Book is affordably priced.

Title: Life is What You Make it
Author: Preeti Shenoy
MRP: Rs 100 (Rs 61 on flipkart & Amazon)
No of Pages: 209
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Srishti


  1. I read this book, or more accurately tried to read this book. I was unable to finish this book because the author Preeti Shenoy tests your patience through an average story and horrible writing.

    This book is an example of how poor some of the present Indian writing is, especially with some of these overnight "bestselling" Authors.

    I passed this book to some of my friends and asked them to read. Not just me, even they found this book to be a piece of useless writing.

    Hate to be a bit harsh, but the truth is 'Life is what you make it' is not worth spending even 60 rupees. If you are so bored, please read five point someone once again or watch some movie on your laptop. But don't waste your time and money on this book!

    Giving a rating of 1 as I can't rate it to 0 or negative rating.

  2. :) I guess it targets some specific segment of readers- like I said, parents who have to deal with children having unique diseases may be...


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