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The Rajpura Haveli experience, North india

This post lists another failed experiment during last month’s north India trip
During our North India tour, one of the objectives was to have food at a haveli. Eating at Haveli was supposed to be a unique dining experience. While returning from Dharamshala, in an attempt to pass through Doraha [Read: Forts in Doraha shown in Rang De Basanti], I diverted towards Ludhiana from Hoshiarpur, skipping Jalandhar town. We kept our eyes open for any sign of a haveli, but there was none. Probably most of the popular havelis were around Jalandhar.
Eventually we spotted a board and pulled over. But then, this Cheema haveli was not pure vegetarian. Hence we skipped this haveli and went further. Sky was hinting at the preparations being made for a heavy rain.  
We continued driving towards Delhi and came across a big mall and a haveli next to it. Rajpura Haveli was the name. It was part of a big mall (Miles Mall), somewhere close to Ambala, entrance was very grand, with lots of big artifacts. 
However, once inside the Rajpura Haveli, I was a bit disappointed. I expected some traditionally dressed staff, serving specialty food. But Rajpura Haveli appeared like any other hotel- pay money, buy a token, order and collect your order. There was no heritage feeling, no culture or tradition to experience. Food was fine- lots of South Indian options also on offer (which was kind of a relief as we got to taste it after 5 days).

 Rajpura haveli menu
  Some exhibits inside Rajpura Haveli
Rajpura haveli connects internally to the Miles mall. 

Probably restaurants are using Haveli in their name to attract people, without offering any traditional or cultural experience. Havelis can also be experienced in Rajastan- should try when you visit there.

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