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Bannerghatta Wildlife Safari with JLR-An enriching experience

I have written about the JLR Banngerghatta Nature Park stay experience in this earlier post. Now, will share photos and experience from our forest safari and early morning nature walk.

Our safari started at about 2.45 PM- first we passed through herbivore areas. First group of animals we encountered was a large group of elephants by the lake. Baby elephants were having fun in water, few bigger ones were on the banks keeping an eye for danger, smaller ones always had bigger ones around it just in case of any potential danger.

Next we entered enclosure of bears. We were warned not to extend arms outside and if mobile/camera falls off the vehicle it won't be recovered. The bear enclosure had two three partitions- families of bears are kept in separate partitions, as they tend to fight with each other if mixed. Deers were also present in bear enclosure, we are told bears don't attack deers.

Next we entered lion safari, but didn't get any decent pic of lions, as they were far away. Tiger enclosure was next. The majestic tigers were either relaxing at their comfort or were walking around restlessly.Some of my best pictures below from Bannerghatta tiger safari below.

We also spotted 3 white tigers. One was walking restlessly looking at a Bengal tiger, never willing to show us its face. (below pic). One more tiger was well asleep and the 3rd white tiger was in an enclosure (we are told they are let out on alternate days
Overall, the safari was most exciting part of JLR experience for everyone, as we had wild animals road freely right next to our safari vehicle. We stopped by at a watch tower for a break and then proceeded to butterfly garden and zoo. Safari was far more exciting than these two.

Day 2, we had an early morning nature walk, during which we got up close with Bisons- that is now live in a separate post here

My stay at JLR Bannerghatta was courtesy 

Check this post for my 2010 experience and photos of Bannerghatta Safari *


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