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EmTech India 2016 at New Delhi- Must visit for tech lovers

Technology advancements have redefined the way world operates. A chatting application built and managed by a small team in Russia gets valued at a massive 19 billion dollars and acquired by another social media giant. A taxi booking app changes the way people commute and at the same time enables thousands of taxi drivers around the world earn a much better livelihood they were used to. Verticals traditionally deemed out of reach by technology are also benefiting from mobile solutions. Today you no longer need a giant factory and thousands of workers to make millions. While you are reading this, thousands of young energetic entrepreneurs are busy innovating on the next technology product/solution that can change the way things are being done today, for better. It is not every day that world’s most influential business leaders, technology innovators and investors come together under one roof. A conference in New Delhi, promises to bring just that. Read on.

EmTech India 2016 is a prestigious event organized in India by the Hindustan Times Media’s MINT. Mint is India’s second largest business newspaper, in print since 2007. Mint is organizing EmTech India 2016 in association with MIT Technology Review, USA. Scheduled for March 18 and 19th at New Delhi Aerocity, this conference is the place to be for those seeking inspiration, innovation and collaboration in the new age technology space.
The two day EmTech India conference focuses on five key themes:

Digital Life (Opportunities and Challenges in mobility and Big Data)
Cutting Edge (Drones, Robots and so on)
Smart Cities- Technology to make cities better place
Connected Health, including Genome editing
Artificial Intelligence and its implications on humanity

The themes seem to be carefully selected by the organizers to represent current needs of the people and society in general. While lots of technologies are at our disposal, effective use of them for greater good of the community is yet to be achieved. The conference is a right step in that direction, ideating between all stake holders for better results.

Key speakers include Nilay Arora, Country Head, WeChat India, Siddhartha Chatterjee, CTO, Persistent Systems, David Wu from Cheetah mobile and many more prominent names in the industry.
Guiding a shift in young mind set- towards right direction
India has been seeing a phenomenal growth in tech start-ups and innovations over past few years. Many talented youth are no longer subscribing to the traditional idea of finding a well-paying job and are instead heading to start something on their own- creating solutions out of ideas and solving a market problem- creating a business opportunity, employment and wealth in the process. Many great ideas get suppressed prematurely because of lack of moral and financial support. Typically family and society doesn’t encourage new innovations and few minor failures can often force potential entrepreneurs to give up. With some recognition and financial help many innovators can bring in huge difference. It is exactly people like this who deserve a recognition and lots of support for their future ambitions. Emtech India is a great platform for such innovators, to connect with like-minded individuals, potential investors and industry experts.

Innovators under 35 is a major agenda in the EmTech India 2016 schedule. Innovators under 35 is an initiative to identify and felicitate young minds who have made significant achievements in technology innovations. Nominations for this program were held last year and 5 winners have been identified. Their work will be honoured and promoted during the conference. These India level winners will be representing India at the global level. Best wishes to them.

For every tech blogger, geek, start-up and other cool guys and girls around NCR, do not miss this event. The EmTech India conference is by invitation only. Register here for the Emtech 2016.
MINT is a widely read product from HT group and the team Mint is doing great job putting the EmTech 2016 event together. EmTech India is well supported by NASSCOM, CNBC T 18 and other reputed organizations. My best wishes for the success of the event. Do not miss it.

Event Summary
Dates: 18th and 19th March 2006
Venue: Pullman New Delhi Aerocity, near IGI airport, New Delhi
Event Website: http://emtech.livemint.com
Must attend for: Technology start-ups, innovators, tech enthusiasts, app developers


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