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All new 2016 Suzuki Access 125 launched in Chennai (65k on road)

Suzuki Motorcycles India Pvt Ltd (SMIPL) has launched the all new Access 125 in Chennai. Access 125, though a face-lift technically, is an all new scooter built ground up and not just some cosmetic upgrades on top of outgoing model. I attended its launch press meet in Chennai and this post shares pictures and details from the event..

Most of SMIPL India management was at the launch, giving details of the uniqueness on offer. 2 million units of Access 125 have been sold till date and Suzuki targets to sell about 200 000 units of new Access 125 per year.
Key features of 2016 Access 125:
  1. New Access 125 is 10 kg lighter than outgoing model, this despite using steel for front fenders and leg shield.
  2. All new curvy and retro look (reminds us a bit of Vespa)
  3. SEP- Suzuki Eco Performance- which gives Eco and Performance modes is newly introduced
  4. Available in 5 different colours- Red, Blue, Gray, Black and White
  5. Lots of style elements added- new design headlamp with chrome, 3D badge, new tail lamp etc
  6. Access 125 now offers longest seat in the segment and also longest foot board
  7. Suzuki Easy start system
  8. Disc brake option available
  9. Close to 100% Made in India (There could be 1% part sourced by vendors from outside)
  10. Best in class 21 litre under seat storage
  11. Cup holder and mobile charging socket, more secure ignition assembly
Access targets all kinds of users- those who want a scooter for entire family, those who want one exclusive for themselves, those using it for every day commute and those using it for occasional joy rides.

Some pics before we proceed:
New look headlamp closeup- note the added chrome
 Disc brake option for additional safety

Instrument cluster is clean and simple, gets a LCD display with dual trip meters

After the management talk, we got to ask some questions-

I asked following questions
Q: What is the plan to expand dealership network?
A: We have 10 dealerships in Chennai and will be adding more in the days to come.
Remarks- competition brands have twice that many, so Suzuki needs to get closer to people to sell more units.

Q: What is the differentiation between Suzuki Swish and Access
A: Access is built ground up with new features and innovations
Remarks- No clear differentiation called out. Swish is a slightly cheaper offering

Q: I read long back that Maruti Suzuki sales team would train Suzuki two wheeler salesmen to help boost sales. Is that true?
A: No- we are not aware of it, but yes, occasionally we do sync up with Maruti.

Another person from Media asked if Gixxer 250 should be expected any time soon- answer was No, not in near future.

Suzuki Access 125 is priced at 57947 INR Ex-Showroom Chennai, (That is 4k more than Delhi) for disc brake variant. Expect on road price to be around 65k and another thousand for critical accessories. Disc brake could be another k or two expensive (Suzuki website doesn't list on road price for disc brake) 

Fuel economy: Suzuki claims a meleage of 64 kmpl for the new Access 125

Suzuki Access 125 will be competing with an army of other 125 cc scooters including Honda Activa, TVS Juiptor, Mahindra Gusto and so on. Best wishes to Suzuki

Disclaimer: All information as provided by Suzuki during the launch. I have not used this model on the road, so do not have any additional comment to add.

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