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Melbourne Central and Shot tower, Australia

Melbourne central is a railway station in the basement and a shopping complex on the top.
170 years ago, if you were to stand where Melbourne central was, you would be looking at marshlands in all directions. After discovery of gold in the region, Melbourne's fortune began to change and it began to take shape as a large city. 
The clock is also a major attraction at the Melbourne central. 
Tender coconut was being sold for 6.5 AUD here in Central. But was just OK- not great.

The Cops shot tower, located at the centre is of historical importance. Shot refers to lead bullets used in cannons. Lead is heated and droped from top of the tower- as it falls it solidifies and takes circular shape. Then these shots are used in firearms. This one is Melbourne central is 50 meters high, 9 stories tall. It was operational till 1961. When the factory was de-commissioned and Melbourne central was built, the main tower is retained intact and the shopping mall is built around it. Today it houses a small museum that shows some of the original equipment and historical information. A cloth store also operates inside this tower,
Melbourne central has almost everything a modern mall will have- Hindi movies are played in the theatre inside. Most product launches that happen in Melbourne are often displayed in the central area of the mall.
When in Melbourne, do spend a moment to step inside. Read other Australia posts here

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