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Mercedes Benz GLA world tour success celebrations in Chennai

Today I gate crashed uninvited into a Mercedes Benz event in Chennai- this post shares some photos and details. If you're auto/adventure enthusiast this post might be worth your time, else skip to read my travel posts here.

Today morning at about 8 AM, I accidentally saw below event on my timeline, which appeared to be an open invite. With no specific plan for the day and the address being close enough to my home, I decided to visit the Mercedes Benz Showroom and find out more about the adventure tour.

As I entered the campus, I introduced myself to reception staff and said I am here for the GLA celebration event. Her first question was who are you and who invited you. I said no one invited me, I saw the details on FB and decided to walk in and offered to leave if they felt I am not welcome.

The staff were polite enough not to kick me out, gave me a bottle of water and asked me to wait. I took out my camera and took a series of photos of the cars outside and inside. Few good ones below.

There was one GL and One GLA class SUV outside with all the stickers. Understandably these were two of the cars that were part of the Great Overland Adventure expedition that covered 5 continents, and 25 countries.

I killed about an hour clicking photos and reading newspaper. I was hoping for some action to begin- like someone would come to stage-particularly the drivers who were part of this- and share their experiences etc. But nothing of that sort happened. More people started arriving- Mercedes's customers, prospects and other invitees. I asked the reception lady what is the plan. She said the visitors will be taken for a short ride in the SUVs parked outside followed by lunch. Nothing more. Drive/ride would have been great, but I have anyway driven them during LuxeDrive and during zoomcar rentals. Being an uninvited visitor I wasn't sure how long I should wait or if I will be considered for a ride/drive. Of course I won't be a priority over other invited guests. So at about 12 noon I left to check out the Skoda Buy now pay in 2018 deal.

Expeditions like this are complex, fun and have lots to learn from. A little detailed session would have been great. But I am no party to make lots of demands on this. My only take home is an opportunity to take a closer look at the beasts that have conquered the world.

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