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Mumbai Airport's amazing interior artworks

I have had the opportunity to transit through Mumbai airport a few times over past 2 years. Recently it has got a major revamp (in 2014, at a cost of USD 2 billion) and the new terminal building looks stunning, at par with many reputed international airports. While most have noticed the beautiful façade and ceiling on the outside (entrance, check-in area etc), even the interior areas are tastefully decorated. While main entrance is extensively photographed, it looks like not many people have paid close attention to the paintings and artwork inside. Reason I say so is because if you do a google image search for keywords Mumbai airport, Mumbai airport interior etc, most photos are of the exterior/entrance area.

Though I had noticed many of the artworks during previous visits, I hadn’t cared to take detailed photographs- During my last year visit I spent my time at a flight simulator. This time, I had 3 hours to kill and I decided to take out the camera and click a few close-up pictures. While most available space is filled with artwork, information related to them is not displayed in most areas. So we can’t understand what that painting means, who painted it, what is the name of the god shown in the pic etc. Airport’s official website has some information, but not easy to locate and not detailed enough.

Anyway, rest of this post will showcase various pictures of artwork, painting and exhibits on display inside Mumbai’s CSIA (Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport). Admire the photos, take a closer look next time you fly out of Mumbai.

Above: Dream: India's own supercar by DC Design- Avanti- more details here
Below: Aukaat! The kaali peeli taxis of Mumbai waiting for customers

The Baggage belt area looks stunning from the top- there're 14 of them
Air India 747
Datsun on display- feels like floating...
What I have shown is only a small part of what's there at the airport- part of it was not accessible to me from the transit area I was in, few others look great to the eye but photographing them was tricky due to glass layers in between or other airport structures obstructing a proper photo or because I was running out of time. I didn't click photos of things in the arrival corridor and various departure gates.

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  1. I go a glimpse while I was running to catch my planes to and from Tel Aviv, one day hopefully I will get time to explore T2!

  2. We love watching these art works everytime we visit T2! This is such a nice gesture to showcase India's rich history, art and culture!

  3. Nice to see some very Indian artwork at these airports that are working towards international standards.
    Thank you for showing us these pieces, Shrinidhi. :)

  4. Such stunning artworks...Surprising to see Aandal and Tanjore paintings..Lovely!


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