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Week3- My pick of nice to read travel stories!

This week's top ten travel posts that I would recommend...

#1. Kangra beyond Dharmashala and McLeodganj
A fairly detailed post with nice photographs about Kangra, Himachal Pradesh by Jitaditya (Travelling Slacker)
Post mentions lots of things to do in Kangra but not the fort. Read my own post on Kangra Fort here

#2 Sarnath Day trip by Shubham
Do check other older posts in his blog as well.

#3 Places to visit in Bhuj by Lakshmi Sharath
As usual another detailed post with relevant pictures. Couldn't miss this one.

#4 Jallikattu- if I had to pick one post...
This week's talk is incomplete without reference to Jalikattu. The spontaneous people's movement in Chennai and rest of Tamil Nadu did get attention of the world and everyone who had no clue about Jallikattu scrambled to find out more about it. Several bloggers have written about it this week, most supporting the event and few opposing. Of the various posts I read, this post by Padma sounds most comprehensive.

#5 Mumbai Spiti valley road trip
Extreme details of 5500 km roadtrip... Everyone's envy, someone's pride.

6. Ayodhya Day trip.
There're millions of posts about Delhi- Agra day trip, but very few posts on Ayodhya. This particular post caught my attention because of that reason.

#7 Stunning photos of Kanha National Park, MP
Divsi's post was listed last week too and this week there's been another stunner from MP's Kanha National Park. Take a look at the beautiful pictures here, one sample below.
Photo by Divyakshi Gupta

#8 Lost cities of the world
This list of Lost cities of the world seems interesting. If history and mythology appeals to you, you may take a look.

#9 Sakaleshpura as seen by Sujatha
Sakaleshpura is at the heart of western ghats and has hundreds of spots to explore. This post by Sujatha covers some of them with relevant pictures and details.

#10. 16 Bihari Cuisine to try
Bihar isn't often considered as a state to explore- like it is with Rajasthan or Kerala or Goa. So this particular post suggesting a list of 16 food items of Bihar caught my attention. Some pictures appear familiar but most names are new to me. Images used in this post are sourced with credit. If you're a foodie you might want to explore more.

Disclaimer: All posts are picked manually after reading. The criteria used is that post should be published in current week and end of the post I should feel that this post was worth my time and relatively better than other posts I read this week. Source: posts I could see in Indiblogger Indivine, ones that came to my attention on facebook and blogs that I regularly read. The time I have for this is limited. It is still possible that there are many other posts which either didn’t come to my attention or I didn’t have time to read them, so this weekly list is not to be considered as ultimate and that rest all are bad. If you had a great post and I didn’t include it, please forgive. I will be focusing mostly on travel related blogs, but if I accidentally come across something interesting, I may include a few from other categories like auto, food, fashion etc, though I won’t be scanning these categories actively. From the selected posts I have used a few lines of text and sometimes a picture too- if concerned bloggers have an objection I will remove them. There is no ranking, listed in the order in which I read the blogs and decided to shortlist. Doesn't mean #1 is best and #10 is least good of the 10.

Next week I will be travelling so this series may have to pause for a while. Will resume in February. Read Week 1 and week 2 picks here. 


  1. Thanks to this list I finally caught up on the Jallikattu issue.

  2. Thanks Rupam, Anita, Vaisakhi

    @Sujatha- You're welcome. Best wishes

  3. The list sounds great. Now this is a good place to come looking for some stories to read. :)
    Now I'm off to read the jallikattu post. Thank you. :)

  4. Thanks so much Shrini for the feature! I am so glad you liked the post:) Thanks to your initiative I have a ready list of stories to read:) Great initiative!

  5. @Divsi- Thanks. Hope you enjoyed the posts.

    @D Nambiar- You're welcome. Hope you enjoyed my selection

    @Abhijit- You're welcome

  6. Beautiful pictures you've posted on then blog.
    I really like this also the way you described everything this is so good.
    thank you for sharing this with us.

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