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10 Latest supercool features in ultra luxury cars

Lots of features that were available only in expensive luxury cars few years ago is now available in affordable everyday cars. Cruise Control, Heads up display, Sunroof, DRL, Push button ignition, side air bags, climate control and many other features have become very common, even in sub 10 lakh cars, at least as optional extras in many cars. If everything is available in 10-20 lakh cars, how would car companies attract someone willing to spend over a crore on a car? So how are ultra premium cars distinguishing themselves? What are the super cool features in latest luxury cars? (I am not talking about self driving cars or such futuristic stuff, but the readily available features in ultra premium segment, such as Merc S Class, Audi A8, BMW 7 Series and so on) This post offers a list of such cool features which we can hope to trickle down to more affordable cars in future.

1. Executive Lounge feature: Convert rear seat into a fist class cabin.
At the press of a button, S class or Audi A8 can push the first row seat front, fold it, extend a foot rest etc, creating a totally first class experience for the passenger sitting behind. Person sitting behind can fully stretch his/her legs and of course reclining seats, heated seats and massaging seats are added features.

2. Self Parking & Self steering
Yes, self parking is available in VW Passat (40 lakhs) and such cars already. Self Parking ability is extremely handy in tight parking spaces. Available in BMW 7 series, Audi A8, Merc S class and so on, self parking is a super cool and very practical feature to show off. They can be remotely controlled using the keyfob or the app, as if you're playing with a radio controlled toy car.

Cruise control is too common. Most 1 crore+ cars have ability to steer themselves on a highway. But for this feature to work, there should be white marking on the road, which is not very common in India. Self steering can turn itself, slow down or stop if vehicle ahead of you slows down or stops, can even overtake (manual input needed). BMW 7 Series can do this for speeds up to 210 kmph. I hope this feature can deal with cars ahead that put right turn indicator but actually turn left or do such stupid things. Of course many companies are working on fully self driving cars, but for that there're many regulatory and ecosystem hurdles to cross.

3. Carbon Fibre
Current luxury cars are getting more lighter but stronger thanks to increased percentage of carbon fibre components

4. Heater and cooler in cup holder
Providing a cup holder is so entry level. Even chilled glove box is now available in sub 10 lakh cars. Modern luxury cars like the new S class provide heater and cooler facility around the cup holder, so your drink can remain warn/chill.
5. Side Impact protection
How to protect passengers in case of a side collision? Doors are not the strongest part of the car and a high speed side impact can be fatal. To deal with this, Audi A8 has a feature- it gets sensors on the side and if it detects an imminent collision, it raises the side- i.e ride height on the impact side will be increased- this ensures the impact of collision is taken by the chassis and not the door, thereby minimizing impact on the passenger inside.

6. Matrix Headlight/High Beam protection:
How can you make the driver coming from opposite direction dim his headlights? You can't. But what you can do is to use innovative headlamp technology that ensures driver in the opposite direction is NOT blinded by your headlight and simultaneously, some illumination is available for you to see the road ahead, that you don't get blinded. Both Volvo and Audi have mastered this art. Audi calls it MATRIX headlight- available in Q7, A8 and such higher end cars. BMW and Merc also have their variations of this concept.

7. Pedestrian airbags
Volvo has pedestrian airbags under the hood. In case of a collision, this gets deployed and saves the head/body of pedestrian from hitting against the car.

8. Extra privacy with motorized sun-blinds
Rolling up windows is not enough. For additional privacy, luxury cars come with rolling sunblinds or window shades on two rear windows and rear windshield that can be controlled via an app or a button

9. 360 degree views
Rear view camera with guiding lines is very common. What's latest is the 360 degree view of your surroundings. Using sensors and cameras your ultra premium car can now show you your car's position 2D in its real surroundings, from inside. This is facilitated by additional cameras and sensors. You can actually install this in your car-order the kit from aliexpress or such sites and install yourself watching how to vidoes on yourtube.
10. Gesture control
Touch screen, app control, voice command etc are so 2010. Cars today come with gesture control for several operations- yes, you can keep your eyes on the road and simply make certain pre-defined gestures with your fingers and car can increase volume, change channel and such stuff

Are there any other cool features that excited you? May be another few years some of these trickle down to everyday cars.

Note: Images used in the post are screen grabs taken from various youtube videos
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  1. I am sure they can fly soon! All this sounds a little unreal to me :D

    1. Yes, there're cars that can fly- but imagine what would happen if there're 10000 such cars in each city-

  2. Interesting article...the Pedestrian airbags will be a much required feature in India

  3. Interesting article. the Pedestrian airbags will be a much required feature in India.


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