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Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo: perfect harmony of vehicles and pedestrians

Beginning 2018 with a simple post, from my April 2017 Japan Trip.

Shibuya crossing is said to be world’s busiest intersection. Around 5 streets merge here and pedestrians and vehicular traffic use them in amazing harmony. All lights turn red and pedestrian green lamps go on for about 40 seconds- tens of thousands of pedestrians cross from one road to another, within seconds, without bumping into each other, without blocking others.  As the pedestrian time’s up, the road gets cleared within seconds for vehicular movement. Vehicles begin their crossing and another set of thousand+ pedestrians get ready for their turn. This process seems to go on and on never ending, particularly during peak hour- never ever a short supply of people who needs to cross.

Below is how Shibuya cross when it is vehicle's turn. You can see 4 crossings here, one more is on the far left.
I spent about half an hour just observing the people. Best place to see the action at Shibuya crossing is from the window of starbucks or other restaurants in the area, but getting an entry/seating will be tough during peak hours. Train station is another option, but it is a bit far and the glass is not very clear for great view/recording.
 Below is how it looks when opened for pedestrian traffic.
Do watch a 1 min video below [Watch on Youtube here]

Shibuya is a busy shopping and business district. You can do your window shopping and real shopping here. Shibuya is well connected by local trains, so you can reach here from any part of Tokyo.

When in Tokyo, do visit Shibuya and nearby areas.

Would such a system ever work in India? We don't honor traffic signals, will keep crossing even after red light and probably a dozen police officers will be needed to clear the road for vehicular movement. Municipality would set up a foot over bridge unable to manage the crowd.

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Your thoughts please and Happy new year!


  1. I noticed something similar in Oslo and how I wish, we could have this in India :) Either way, wish you a very Happy 2018 Shrinidhi :) Have a great "travelling" year ahead. Cheers!

    1. Not been to Oslo... Will check out one day. Happy new year to you too

  2. When I read 'thousands' in the post I wondered if it is an exaggeration. But then the video shows it, wow! :D

  3. That is so much of discipline at that scale of people and vehicles. commendable.

  4. WOW!
    This should be implemented in Bangalore too :)
    Happy new year


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